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Astral Travel in Dreams

Dreams are a rich source of information, inspiration and insight into the Soul. They are also a space where the soul can travel far beyond the confines of the body. There is a term for this, astral travel, and I’ve done it. I have experienced astral travel in dreams.
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I’m not the first person to propose the idea. For a long time, though, I was very skeptical. The concept of astral travel, or astral projection, is that during meditation or sleep states, the superconsciousness, or soul, can go places that are very real. The dreams are not “only dreams” but real places that are visited while the body rests in stasis. These places can be around the earth or elsewhere in the multiverse.
Are Dreams Metaphors or Real Places We Visit?
How could such a thing be true? To me, dreams were just metaphors for the mind to work out the complexities of the day. I still believe they are. Yet increasingly my dreams have become so vivid, so tangible that I have to wonder if they can be both metaphoric and real at the same time. Nothing is coincidental. What if the Soul chooses places to travel that both allow us to work through what we are experiencing in the waking world, and get us to help solve problems in other areas of time and space? My ability to reason, manipulate and move within dreams has become so intentional, that I’ve had to conclude that either:
  1. Dreams are more than I thought they were.
  2. As I continue to build and develop my intuition, I am awakening “tools” that allow me to control the dream environment.
  3. While I dream, I am traveling to a real place that exists somewhere in our multi-dimensional universe. And I am interacting with it. In short, astral travel is real.
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I honestly don’t know where I go when I meditate or sleep. Lately, though, I have been able to get into this space that is neither completely asleep nor completely awake. It is SO vivid. In this space, I am aware of my body lying on the bed, but I can choose to fill my vision with a photographic, life-like environment that is completely tangible. I did this yesterday afternoon and it was so surreal.
My Astral Travel Experience
My life has challenged me lately to find a new sense of direction. Yesterday I decided to meditate on these questions and open myself up for information to come. I asked myself to be receptive to whatever came, even if it seemed contradictory or unrelated to my questions. I lay on my bed and drifted, gradually dropping off into what I thought at first was dreaming. In this state, I was sitting in a booth in a diner that looked like it was from the 1950s. I was sitting with two guys.
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One I did not really pay attention to. The other was tall, heavyish and obnoxious. He talked on and on, more interested in the sound of his own voice than in holding an actual conversation. Tired of his prattle, I looked at him with disdain. He seemed to think he knew everything, but he was coarse, oafish even, and he didn’t care about the Spirit–only about the material. I wanted to ditch him, but I was reluctantly tied to him in some way. Afterwards we were driving in his open top car. It also looked like it belonged in the 1950s. I remember the colors red and blue were somewhere on the car, with perhaps gray leather seating. We sped down a paved road out in the country. It seemed as if we were surrounded by corn fields, or something with a high-growing crop. He kept on talking. It was insufferable, even though some part of me was resigned to the fact that I needed the companionship.
I Suddenly Have Control in My Dream
But suddenly we rose off the road and into the air. We seemed to climb higher and higher. At first I was frightened, but then I was exhilarated–freedom! And meanwhile, this guy disappeared, as did his car. Gone. I didn’t worry about him because I knew he was irrelevant at this point to me anyway. This is the moment where the dream because something else. Until that moment, I felt that I was following a prewritten script of events that I had no control over. A sort of play that I could only react to, and even the reactions were scripted. The scenes were hazy, like watercolor paintings whose edges had begun to drip away. Now, high up in the air, it was as if I had regained my self-will, my awareness to consciously direct myself. I had begun to astral travel. At this moment, I became fully conscious that I was in a dream, or in some space without the physical limitations of nature and my body. My vision became absolutely sharp. It didn’t matter that I was thousands of feet above the earth. I could see individual trees, roads, streams and animals, stretched out before me. It was an autumn scene and I was looking down at countryside, a sea of trees in vivid red, gold and yellow, cut through with channels of roadways and property boundaries.
aerial photo of trees
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As I floated, another image came to me, this time off to the right of my visual field. Below me, the Earth was still visible. Yet now a sort of rectangular viewer frame appeared on my right. It showed me, with photographic realness, a field of wildflowers. Perhaps sunflowers, since they were so tall. But I also saw red and orange very prominently.
I Reveal My Path to Myself
Looking through the viewer frame, I could see a pathway that had been cut through the middle of the crop. It created a wall of plants on either side, diminishing towards the horizon. The sun was behind the plants, illuminating the path in a heavenly glow and casting a slight shadow on the plants. I felt instinctively that the photograph was of a particular place below me that was significant to my present life. I decided to sail back down to the Earth to see where I was, exactly, on the planet. And I could do so, this time. I had the control to move towards or away from objects, just as I could fly and permeate other boundaries. But now came the tricky part. I knew that I had to strike a delicate balance between my conscious awareness and my soul-consciousness. It was as if, had I applied too much logic to what I was doing, I knew that the logical brain would pull me out and I would wake up. I had to learn to direct myself from the soul-consciousness and not let the logical brain apply too much control or it would inhibit me, operating as it would within its own limited perception of reality.
Intentional Movement in Astral Travel
In excitement, I began to rush downward. I was partially frightened again at my speed and the movement, but also so curious to see where I was. Though its location was still hidden from me, I knew that I was being shown the place where I should go next. Yet, the closer I got to Earth, the more I felt my logical mind creeping in, wanting to take over and direct. I felt myself back in my room once more. I saw my body on the bed. I fought the sensation and tried to remain present. I focused on being in the air, looking down on the Earth. Now the ground was rushing closer and closer, and I was almost there. I could still see sharply the trees and grass, but it was getting harder to keep the image focused. I knew if I could land on the ground, I could look around me and see where I was. I would have the answer.
My Logical Mind Wins
As I got within a few hundred feet above the Earth, my vision clouded. I was aware, again, of my body lying on the bed. Once that awareness kicked in, the sharpness of my vision began to pixelate. The view of the Earth became fuzzy and turned to a greenish-gray-black haze of confusion. I landed, but I was unable to see where I was. My eyes opened. I lay there for a few minutes, feeling a mixture of exhilaration, disappointment, longing and gratitude. I had been given information, of that I was certain. And I had seen something real. Of that I am very certain. pexels-photo-460295

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