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How to Read the Tarot

I get asked this question a lot: How do you actually learn how to read Tarot cards?

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The Simple Answer

I read Tarot cards with my heart.

The Complex Answer

Did that response above just make you retch a little bit?

Haha. I don’t mean it to sound so sentimental but…it’s basically the truth.

I am an empath and my emotions tell me all the information I need. So yes…I read the Tarot by observing my feelings and thoughts that arise as I pull a card. This is basically how you would learn how to read Tarot cards.

But there is more to it than that, of course. I’ve studied the Tarot since I was fifteen. I am already someone who loves mythology, patterns, human stories and symbolism, so the structure of the Tarot naturally appeals to me. Learning about its structure is an important element to understand how it gives messages.

The most important lesson I have ever learned, however, is that your gut reaction to any divination tool is WAY more important than the “correct” meaning of the card. Understanding the card’s accepted general meaning can add depth and complexity to a reading, but it is always the intuition that must lead.

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Why Intuition Matters Most

We can read information from just about anything in our environment, using all of our senses. In fact, this method of psychic reading was one I took a class in from one of my spiritual teachers, Mary Petrella. She trained us to practice asking a question and then tuning into one sense, noting our first reactions to it, and then following that thread until the information came.

The Tarot is just one of dozens of divination tools. I know one reader who uses Hallmark greeting cards to read, while of course you can read with runes, sticks, divining rods, the I-Ching, pendulums, crystal balls, silver bowls, fire and countless others.

The “magic” is not so much in the tool you use as in your receptivity to pick up information from it. What the tool is really doing is to help distract your conscious mind so that the Soul can speak what it already knows.

At some level we all have this knowledge–the same knowledge that makes us think of our best friend a second before she calls, or makes us turn when we know someone is in the room standing behind us.

In using the Tarot, we already know at some level where every card in the deck is. Seriously. So we are really distracting the physical body and mind while the Soul shuffles and picks the cards to help bring to our consciousness this knowledge.

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As a set of symbols, therefore, no Tarot card has a single, unchangeable interpretation. It shouldn’t. The purpose of the Tarot isn’t to have a stagnant meaning but to get your conscious mind active and reactive.

Hence–that gut feeling. What do you feel when you look at The Tower? Never mind what it “means.” Are you freaked out? Excited? Nervous? In wonder? Guess what: you’ve just read the Tarot.

Of course, when you work with a psychic reader of any kind, they will (hopefully) have spent years in training their own intuition and understanding of the Tarot to help bring even very complex and specific information to light in order to give you the clarity you need. And I do not at all mean to discount the “official” meanings of Tarot cards–as I said, they add a beautiful layer of complexity and dimension to a question. But clarity is the ultimate goal, and it can come from multiple angles.

Clarity. That’s really what we’re all after when we read the Tarot. It becomes a meditation experience, an opportunity to focus and lose yourself in the cards. To lose the ego and the stress for just a second and start listening to the gut.

The gut is really the Higher Self, the Soul speaking. And it wants you to be happy. Through Tarot, we can hear it speak.

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