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Are We All Psychic? You Might Be Surprised.

Four years ago, I remember standing at the counter of my chiropractor’s office and chatting with my dear friend and massage therapist, Melinda, who is also a gifted medium.

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At that point, I was not doing my own channeling (consciously). I had been reading cards and meditating, but this was for myself alone and I never in my life would have taken myself seriously enough to think it worth offering to someone else.

And here I had met this warm, motherly and deeply spiritual woman who I had begun to think of as my “priestess” because she so inspired me. Like me, she had come from trauma in childhood and as an adult she was very interested in exploring spiritual thinking of all varieties. Unlike me, she was psychic.

Or so I thought.

That night, she gave me some deep insights into the presence of my great-grandmother around me–a huge comfort to me. I remember saying to her a little wistfully, “You’re so talented. I could never do what you do.”

She looked at me and her eyes filled with tears. “Sister, you can do this,” she said firmly. “If you could see what I can see…you would never again doubt yourself.”

I felt a shiver run through me. Could she really see all that? What was she seeing in me that I didn’t?

I felt so grateful to her for her faith in me, but in that moment, I did not for a single second believe that I was in any way psychic. I mean, psychics are mystical people who can conjure spirits at will and speak to the dead. Right?

It took me several more years to reframe my thinking on the subject of psychics before I figured it out. I met another wonderful woman, Mary, who became my second “priestess.” This is my title for them, mind you—they’re my strong spiritual women who have helped guide me and encourage me to recognize my own gifts. They both believed and continue to believe in me and I’m so grateful to them for helping me get to where I am now.

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I will tell you though, that my gifts didn’t come until I started to trust myself. If you have ever grown up around someone who does bad things and then tells you that you are the crazy one if you speak up about them, you learn to believe that your own inner voice is not to be trusted.

As my cousin Caroline puts it, you have no guiding star to make sense of the world if the one inside you is shut down. It took me a long time to realize how much that lack of faith in myself was the source of my anxiety, and of SO many struggles.

So, the story of my own psychic development is really the story of learning to trust my own gut. That is what brings me to the question: Are we all psychic?

I firmly believe that the answer is YES.


Yes, you are psychic.

We all have the gift of intuition, no more unusual than sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. I do believe that, like any ability, there are bloodlines in which psychic abilities run strong. But like the study of epigenetics, I also believe that this is partially because of the nurture of the environment.

Children see many things that adults tell them are made up, or not there, or silly or stupid. Why do adults do this? Often it’s out of love, wanting to protect children from what they perceive as frightening. So it’s also fear–fear of not fitting in, or fear of something large and unknown, or fear of being stigmatized as evil by social institutions that recognize they can’t control the person who gets knowledge from their gut.

We are social animals and we long for love, so we quickly learn to filter ourselves in order to remain part of the circle of people who we want to love us. And this is what our parents learned to do from their parents, and so it gets passed on.

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And yet…we have all experienced a moment of being somewhere where our back is turned, and yet we know someone else is in the room. It’s a mere half-second before we turn and see them, but no other sense has alerted us of their presence—yet somehow, we knew to turn.

Many societies around the world, however, celebrate this higher awareness through psychics, shamans and other people who profess to connect to the spiritual world. It is truly part of our global DNA.

That’s why I believe that any one of us can learn to develop our psychic muscle. It simply takes time, and re-learning to place our faith in our deepest gut instincts—the instincts that go beyond the other “instincts” that are really learned behaviors from our culture.

Ready to learn more? Read the post I wrote on how to develop your psychic abilities!

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