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Virgo December New Moon Reading

~ December New Moon reading for Virgo sun/moon/rising ~


Learning to Relax

Dear Virgo, I LOVE seeing The Star crowning your reading for this month! It seems like this December New Moon has brought you a new sense of hope about your future and you are getting ready to seize it. Wow!

The Power of Help and Hope

A situation that you previously thought hopeless and helpless now seems to be making a complete 180 on you, dear Virgo. The funny thing is, I feel that it’s not that the situation has changed drastically so much as your own perception of it has. You seem to have a new attitude that is much more positive, and you are beginning to see how that energy is VERY different from what you have been projecting until this point.

With the Six of Pentacles in reverse, I feel that you’ve changed from believing that you could only receive help in a certain way and that that help was limited. The Six shows the act of giving and receiving, but with the six pentacles split, it also indicates limits to how much we are able to give–and how much we allow ourselves to receive.

Now it’s like you are recognizing the hundred different resources at your disposal to make things better around you and for you–right now! There’s no more need to tell yourself that your environment is barren, or that you have to do it all alone.

Incredible Healing

The resources you are finding could be people, programs, money or simply new thought patterns. They are uniting to help give you this renewed sense of hope that is spreading beautiful optimism to everything you do!

You have another Six in your spread–the Six of Wands. Sixes show us how to heal by bringing things into balance. With two Sixes in reverse, you have been doing a lot of internal healing by addressing areas of your life where you felt out of balance.

Again, I see you reaching out to others, realizing that you don’t have to be an island of Virgo efficiency and execution, doing it all alone. When I see the Seven of Swords in reverse mirroring the Six of Wands in reverse, I feel that you’ve realized that you can ask for help to get it done.

I very intentionally used the phrase “Get it done” just for you, my little Virgo. If health, love, money and career could all be put in a series of beautifully written out checklists, Virgo would happily check each one off as “accomplished” and “completed” and measure their lives that way. You know how you are!

Just Breathe

The theme of this reading confused me at first: Forest/Breath. But when I considered the nature of the forest, I realized that the message of this card for you is to just breathe, Virgo. You take so much on your shoulders because you are so skilled at executing big things with wonderful efficiency and perfection. But it takes a toll, sometimes.

I feel you calmer, steadier now, somehow. In Japan they have a practice called “forest bathing,” which is simply about getting outside and into deep woods where you surround yourself with nature and allow its stillness to wash over you. This is the energy you are now allowing yourself to receive and it’s making everything better for you.

Before you stepped into the energy of The Star, you didn’t realize how depressed you were getting by feeling that you had to carry all of these burdens by yourself, or that no one else could understand you or help you. Now you’re learning that there are other ways of doing things and other resources that will lighten your load.

Previously you denied yourself these things because you felt that they didn’t fit with your personal perception of “suitable.” Sometimes Virgo can trap themselves in their own perceptions of perfection, or their sense of needing to do it all themselves in order to do it “right.”

Seize New Opportunities

The way you are choosing to live now is actually giving you this new sense of relaxed flexibility, which is a beautiful thing, Virgo! When you are more relaxed, you are better able to come up with even MORE brilliant ways of getting it done. And what you dream up when you are in a receptive frame of mind seriously wows the people around you!

Your reading ends with fantastically adventurous energy–the Queen of Wands and The Fool. Queens represent receptivity, so with the suit of Wands it is this new fire energy that you are opening yourself up to, allowing new ideas and possibilities to come. The Fool seems to urge you to take the risk, too–how exciting!


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer; The Wild Offering Oracle by Tosha Silver and art by Katie Daisy.

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