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Scorpio December New Moon Reading

What a beautiful gift you have been given, recently, dear Scorpio. From a burden to a new birth of love...

~ December New Moon reading for Scorpio sun/moon/rising ~


Fueled by Love

What a beautiful gift you have been given, recently, dear Scorpio. As I meditated on what was illuminated for you by the December New Moon, I felt that your awareness has been expanded recently into a new realm of love. Through this radiant lens you suddenly view everything differently.

A New Sense of Purpose

Something that you have been struggling with no longer seems like a burden because I feel that you are not only ready to move on from it, but to do so joyfully. For some of you, the burden and the new realm of love have a direct relationship with each other (for example, ending a bad relationship to make way for a new one).

For the majority of you, though, I feel that the key point of this reading is that what is replacing your burden actually has very little to do with it. Or rather, this new joyful experience you are entering is making you realize that your life has actually been about something completely different this whole time.

Up until this point, you thought your life was about the burden. With the Three of Wands crowning the reading, you have a new sense of wholeness of purpose, and the Prince of Wands indicates your eagerness to embrace that new fiery energy. Your purpose seems to be to love.

Am I making sense? I feel like I’m sensing something big and deep but I’m struggling to put it into words. This is certainly a karmic situation. The World card is a major card of Karma. It’s the last card in the Major Arcana, and signifies that you’ve not only come through a soul lesson and aced it, but you have a spiritual reward coming for having done so. Mirrored by the Princess of Swords, this is a clear sign of wisdom gained and integrated into a new way of thinking. Well done, Scorpio.

The Birth of Love

With Love/Compassion forming the center of your reading, I wonder if you have indeed welcomed new love into your life. I see all kinds of beautiful possibilities: adoption of a child or pet, the birth of a new baby, growing closer to a particular family member, joining a new community of kindred spirits. Something simply fills you with love.

In this new space of love, you become more whole, while your actions become more meaningful. It’s like everything has suddenly shifted into place and it all makes sense now. That’s how it feels to live in the realm of love. It all suddenly makes sense, and all you can feel is gratitude.

Realizing What Is Important

Now that you have received your gift, Scorpio, it’s time to make good on the promise you made yourself to live by it. Your final decision of action rests in the Two of Swords in reverse, paired with the Ace of Wands in reverse.

Previous to this month, you have been feeling your fire slowly go out, or you have been drained, by a situation. I think as late as November, you would have been looking at that Two of Swords as upright–a figure paralyzed by indecision yet suffering in their paralysis. The Two is definitely not a space of love–it’s a space of fear. But no longer.

It’s as if this overwhelming new sense of love for yourself and others has made you realize what is actually important. Whatever this paralysis was–whatever blockage or barrier it represented–it’s like you suddenly decided it doesn’t exist or is irrelevant. That’s because something else has stepped into your life that is so much greater.

When we live in the realm of love, the question of “What do to next” is so simple and so obvious that we wonder how we ever doubted before. Dear Scorpio, most of us struggle to get to the space you are in right now. In fact, you struggled too.

Yet the gift of love is exactly that–a gift. We sometimes wonder if we really deserve it, for all we struggle…and the answer is yes. You do.


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer.

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