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Leo December New Moon Reading

Dear Leo, you are in the process of a breakthrough, thinking through major changes you want and need to make in your life...

~ December New Moon reading for Leo sun/moon/rising ~


A New Dawn

Leo, did you have some earth-shattering self-revelation come to you recently? As I was shuffling for you and asking what was illuminated for you by the December New Moon, The Tower appeared at the bottom of the deck. Then I pulled an entire spread for you of ALL reversed cards. Wow, Leo–there is a lot of change happening inside you right now!

Questions for the Heart

With a spread of reversed cards, all of this energy feels like action that is happening in your soul before it can manifest as physical action in the world. The biggest thing I see in this spread is that your heart and mind are running a mile a minute, thinking through major changes you want and need to make in your life.

The theme of the reading came out as Dawn/New Beginnings, so this is the start of a breakthrough you are in the process of making! Though this will impact your work life, personal relationships, home and health, it feels central to your core being rather than in one particular area of life. It is like you are shifting drastically how you think about yourself and how you think about where you are in your life.

Processing Pain

When I think about what led to this life-changing Tower energy, I feel the answer lies in the Queen of Swords, the underlying energy of the reading. This Queen has been through a ton of pain in the past, and reversed, she is considering in her heart how she got to where she is.

Did she need to go through something to learn an important lesson? Did she allow something painful to continue long past its sell-by date because she was afraid to change? Maybe she had to finally let go of a situation she wanted so badly to fix, to control, only to realize that some things she cannot control.

When she decides to stop resisting the pain of this experience, she sees that she can let it flow through her and not remain stagnating in it. Queens represent receptivity, and for the suit of Swords, this means accepting pain without being consumed by it. When the card is ready to flip upright, this Queen will have transformed her pain into powerful wisdom that will guide her forward with greater strength.

Movement Towards Hope

There is a ton of movement in these cards, from the Princess of Wands striking out on a new road, to the Prince of Cups holding his dreams aloft in his hand as he rides forward. Then there’s the final card of the reading, the Six of Swords, seeking a place to belong on new shores. Even the card crowning the reading, the Three of Wands, feels highly energetic though the man stands still. With his Wands fire energy, you can feel him scanning the road ahead of him, ready to move.

But as I said, this desire to “move” is happening first in your heart before you feel ready to make concrete plans. The Seven of Swords shows me that you are thinking quite strategically about what you want to do, including internet research, or even consulting experts or asking friends. I feel your eagerness to go somewhere new is supported by Heaven, whether it’s to a new job, new relationship or new house.

Dear Leo, even though these cards may look a little negative, I feel that ultimately they are reflecting such a wonderful change for the better within you. The final pairing of the Six of Swords and the Prince of Cups shows me that you are readying yourself to move towards your dreams.

As we approach the Winter Solstice and welcome the transformation of darkness into light, use this time to reflect on the powerful ways in which you’ve grown so much. You are going to enter 2019 ready to change the world.


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer.

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