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Pisces December New Moon Reading

Dear Pisces, when I asked what this December New Moon would illuminate for you, the first thing that came to me was a soul mate relationship...

~ December New Moon reading for Pisces sun/moon/rising ~


Wake Up, New Love Is Coming

Soul Mate Lesson: Check!

Dear Pisces, when I asked what this December New Moon would illuminate for you, the first thing that came to me was a soul mate relationship. I feel that you are either dealing with one currently or else about to take steps that will lead you to enter into a new one.

There’s hesitation on your part, which I can see in the Six of Cups in reverse, which crowns the reading. Across from it, however, the Three of Pentacles signifies to me that you ARE ready for this. Threes represent wholeness and in the suit of Pentacles, I see that you have done enough of the work to raise your vibration and attract in a new kind of energy.

Yes, this work will continue for you, as we see the man hasn’t yet finished chiseling his pentacle design into the stone obelisk. But look at the people who have come to admire and watch his work–whether or not you realize it, you are drawing to you something very different from what you used to.

Drop the Burden and Welcome Happiness

The Ten of Wands and Two of Wands mirror each other, both in reverse–I feel you are hesitating to drop a burden and move through a new doorway into a new life. You might be currently with a soul mate and need to make the decision to either move on from them or create an ultimatum of what you are no longer willing to deal with. At that point, Free Will is going to guide both of you in what you want to do with the relationship.

It is my belief that we have numerous soul mates in each lifetime, who come to help us grow. Some of these are meant to be with us for life while others are meant to impart a lesson and move on. How this applies to you is going to be unique from everyone else. If your heart tells you that it is truly time to move on from this soul mate, I feel strongly that this reading is indicating that there is a NEW soul mate coming–it was time for both of you to “graduate” from this relationship so you could begin a new one that brings you more love, understanding and support.

Pisces, do you feel that you deserve a new level of love and connection? I wonder if some of your hesitation is because part of you doesn’t believe that you do. The low vibration of Pisces is sometimes to see themselves as the world’s martyrs and accept too many burdens as their lot in life. This isn’t true, though, dear Pisces. As compassionate as you are, it’s not your job to bear the burdens of others. In fact, trying to do so is doing work that doesn’t belong to you–when you have your own work to keep doing!

If your relationship is strong but struggling with a temporary challenge, then part of this movement forward is addressing what needs to “die” in your relationship so that you can both start something new together. Either way, do not ignore this wake-up call!

Wake-up Call: Level UP!

Everything hinges on your new awareness that it’s time to move forward in a new direction. You’ve done enough spiritual growth to get you to this point and it’s time to recognize it so that you can more actively cultivate it. It’s time to level up, and part of that means dropping the burden that’s keeping you down and deciding to go through that doorway once and for all.

When you do, I feel that you are going to have an unexpected sense of relief and a new surge of energy. The reading ends with the Ace of Wands bursting with new fire, while the Princess of Swords parallels it with her calm sense of new understanding.

I’ve noticed something interesting when we align ourselves with our soul’s purpose–everything seems to make sense, and everything seems to move forward FAST. It’s like, once we stop resisting the stream of energy that our soul wants to go in, big things start to happen that we didn’t even realize were possible.

When you make the decision to drop your burden, you will be amazed at how quickly life seems to blossom in a beautiful new way. It may be scary at first to think of taking such a step, but put your faith and trust in your soul’s Higher Self–this self wants you to align with your highest path and to experience your greatest joy here on earth!


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer.

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