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Gemini December New Moon Reading

Coming into December you have already been processing some kind of loss or disappointment, but your fortunes are turning and hope is real...

~ December New Moon reading for Gemini sun/moon/rising ~


Hope Is Real

Right before I started shuffling for you, Gemini, and asking what was illuminated for you by the December New Moon, two cards popped out. I hadn’t really gotten myself “tuned in” yet so I debated whether or not to include them. In the end, I pulled them back out of the deck and I’ve added them to this month’s theme because they seem to be forming part of the influence of the New Moon activation.

Not Fast Enough

Coming into December you have already been processing some kind of loss or disappointment. The Five of Cups crowns the reading, and I feel that your focus has been on the three spilled cups on the grass rather than on the two remaining upright behind the cloaked figure.

When I consider the nature of this disappointment, it feels domestic. I’m looking at another Five–the Five of Wands–and I see the children fighting and the chicken wandering through their midst. I feel like you have had a sort of falling out with family, friends, or with a workplace situation where you spend so much time together it feels like family.

I feel this also could be a romantic relationship with someone who you met at the office. You seem to have cherished hopes for a relationship or a job to go in a certain direction and those hopes were dashed by news you learned late in November or just after the December New Moon.¬† Whatever the nature of it, the Prince of Pentacles tells me your disappointment is largely because this isn’t YET what you wanted it to be, but you feel you’ve honestly waited long enough for it to come to fruition.

Moving On to Something Better

The Five of Wands is reversed. With the Eight of Cups mirroring the Five, I feel you’ve accepted your disappointment pretty philosophically and have decided to take the higher road (literally) and move on.

It seems like this is a good path for you to take. Five = transformation + Eight = power. Whether or not the person or job was ready for you, I feel it a refreshing change for you to move forward, knowing, perhaps, that maybe in the future things will change with this situation for the better.

Now we come to the theme of the reading, which is Wind/Activation in reverse. Paired with our two floaters, The Wheel and the Six of Swords that insisted on being part of the reading, I feel that you have finished a karmic lesson and are being called to move forward onto a new path. It could mean that a new job, or a new relationship, is actually really close to manifesting for you. I see you saying, “What! But I literally just walked away from that.”

Ah, karma.

Isn’t it strange how we walk away from something only to realize that that final act of letting go, giving up our need to control the situation, was the final piece of the puzzle to finally bring it within our reach?

I’m not saying that this literal person or job is going to turn around and change for you. Although with the Prince of Pentacles, that is a possibility–after all, Princes do show the action of a suit, so there is forward movement. It’s just slow AF.

But what is being shown to me is that your act of walking away has shifted the energy so that a lesson has been completed. Your fortune is literally turning!

A New Hope

Why are you not more excited? Haha. I’m not sure you realize how incredible it is to receive The Wheel because it shows you’ve accomplished major soul growth and are on to receiving some kind of karmic reward.

Poor Gemini! I think you’ve been disappointed just one too many times and it’s hard for you to imagine that anything good could be coming your way. It all just seems too good to be true…but it’s not! Good things¬†do happen and you deserve them to happen to you.

Look at the final pairing in the reading: The Star with the Three of Wands in reverse. The Star! The presence of The Star makes me feel that there is an element of divine timing in this. The Star represents hope and that inner sense of trust and knowing that guides us when we feel lost and uncertain.

With the Three of Wands in reverse, I don’t feel a blockage…I just feel like what’s coming is so wondrous you literally can’t believe your good fortune! Whether you are moving forward with the situation you thought had ended or are embarking onto something new, I feel you are going to be truly happy with it. Gemini, your future looks so bright–like anything is possible! Yes, dear little Gemini, it really, truly is all possible.


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer.

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