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Cancer December New Moon Reading

With the King of Pentacles crowning the reading, there is a powerful male energy or even a literal male figure who dominates your life...

~ December New Moon reading for Cancer sun/moon/rising ~


Creating Emotional Security

What do you need to feel emotionally secure, dear Cancer? I feel that this fundamental question is what was illuminated for you with the December New Moon.

A Dominant Man

With the King of Pentacles crowning the reading, there is a powerful male energy or even a literal male figure who dominates your life. It could be a leftover energy from your father’s influence (or absence), or another male in your life who has a strong presence. The energy is powerful but controlling–the dark side of the King of Pentacles.

The King of Pentacles upright is a benevolent, giving leader. Reversed, he is possessive, stubborn and overly harsh. Whoever this person is-parent, lover, friend or enemy-the evolution you are undergoing with them has to do with how they affect your emotional security.

The King of Pentacles also indicates your own shadow side because those we encounter in real life are reflections of what we are projecting inwardly. Often we can figure out where we are unbalanced by observing how we treat others and by how we let them treat us.

Be Your Own Lover

With The Lovers appearing in reverse opposite this King, I do feel that for many of you, this dynamic is playing out in a relationship that hasn’t left you feeling the security you want and deserve. However, The Lovers also indicates how to take responsibility for asking for, and in fact requiring, what you want to feel good emotionally.

Cancer is inherently a female-oriented sign because Cancer is ruled by the Moon. No matter what gender or sex you identify as, if you have strong Cancer in your chart, chances are you are very sensitive, nurturing or even mothering, and are drawn to create security by creating nurturing spaces around you and those you love. Female energy comes to you naturally and effortlessly.

For you, dear Cancer, I feel that this December New Moon is teaching you to create security through male energy, and this synthesis of male and female energy is part of what The Lovers is urging you to embrace. It’s like, you gotta be your own lover first before you teach someone else to love you. Wait, does that sound weird?

Full Moon Brings It Full Circle

Because the Full Moon/Completion came up as the theme of your reading, I feel that as we get to the full moon, you will find yourself urged forward to make this choice. As a Cancer, you naturally feel yourself pulled by the fluid and fluctuating emotions of the moon’s cycle. With this full moon (Dec. 22nd) falling near the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21st), I feel you will be particularly responding to this energy in your own life. The need to bring completion to something will be strong for you.

You Decide What Security Looks Like

I took a long time explaining just two cards of this reading, the King of Pentacles and The Lovers, but I really feel those two tell almost the whole story. The other two pairs show a progression of action.

The Four of Cups reversed paired with the Ten of Pentacles reversed shows me that you’re ready to move on from a stagnant situation that is both unsatisfying and unstable. This feels like monumental change for you, Cancer, because you seem to be finally acknowledging that you want to be free from this dark place. Doing that is scary though…

…Which is why it’s no surprise to see the reading ending with the Four of Pentacles paired with the Two of Swords in reverse. Despite your awareness that you need to take action, you seem paralyzed from doing anything that could compromise your security.

The illusion of the Two of Swords, however, is in thinking that you might accidentally choose the wrong path. The figure is blindfolded so she can’t see that one path is dark while the other is light. But she is not bound. She could put the swords down guarding her heart and take her blindfold off. She can be her own knight, rescuing herself from her prison of fear.

ThereĀ is only one choice to be made and it’s the one that your gut is telling you. As we get closer to this full moon, your feelings are going to be urging towards this resolution, to decide to pick a new road and forge a new future for yourself. You have it in you, dear Cancer! Everything is urging you to go for it!


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer.

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