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Aries December New Moon Reading

Aries, you've been working hard this season and it's beginning to show...

~ December New Moon reading for Aries sun/moon/rising ~


Holidays and Chill

Interesting, Aries. Two cards popped up for you that were the same and in the same position for Pisces–the Three of Pentacles and the Ace of Wands. I’m not sure what that’s about–although I always ask Spirit to give me messages relevant for those who are drawn to my blog, so it’s possible that I have a reader with strong Pisces and Aries in their chart. If that’s you, congrats! This reading is basically for you I guess haha.

In all seriousness, it’s impossible to do a group reading that applies to every single Pisces or Aries out there in the world, but I do feel that certain themes emerge for us that relate to the movements of our solar system in the galaxy, and we tend to have similar group reactions to them based on the influences of our birth charts.

Time to Recharge

Aries, you’ve been working hard this season and it’s beginning to show. With the King of Pentacles in reverse crowning the reading, you could be overworking yourself (a common Aries problem), or else spreading yourself thin with other resources–time, money. Your fire is starting to go out, and that is making you feel frayed and ungrounded.

The Three of Pentacles mirrors the King, telling me that you’ve done a great job with your time and energy but it’s simply time to chill out for a bit and slow down. Aries, you don’t have to be the overachiever all the freaking time! Did you hear me? Go back and read that sentence again. And maybe get a tattoo of it on your arm.

Travel and Celebration

Celebration is at the heart of your reading, dear Aries! How fantastic. The Six of Swords shows that you have the opportunity to travel this month, too, or even just to journey somewhere close by to mentally get away from it all.

Mirroring the Four of Wands, the Six of Swords shows that you could be attending a fantastic holiday party, a friend’s wedding or graduation, or simply going home to family for the festive season. Whatever you do, you are going to have a wonderful time getting together with those you love. This is a much needed break and you earned it!

Too Much Togetherness?

The reading ends with a potentially combustible combination of fire and air energy with the Prince of Swords in reverse mirroring the Five of Wands. The Ace of Wands fell out too so I added it alongside the Prince. Being with family at the holidays is both wonderful and stressful. I feel this could go one of two ways.

Aries, you can be just a teensy bit argumentative due to your propensity to speak your mind without worrying if it starts a few fires. With the Prince in reverse, some of you are choosing to hold your tongue for the sake of peace, while others of you are sliding into the more shadowy side of the Prince with excessive sarcasm, leading to domestic squabbles.

But can you possibly help it, Aries, if you’re provoked? Depending on your family dynamics, family time can be the best or the worst. Well-meaning family members might be asking you why you haven’t [FILL IN THE BLANK WITH YOUR IMAGINARY FAILING] yet and Aries isn’t going to sit around hearing such criticism in silence. Another possibility: a bored Aries is sometimes an Aries who stokes the flames of debate just to liven things up a bit. Hey, it makes life more interesting, right?

All I’ll say is to do your best to not start fights and you can use this energy to instead engage in some friendly competition, with board games or a family hunting trip, something like that. Aries adores competition, and getting outside would be a great way to burn some of the fire energy. The key word here, though, is “friendly” competition. Use that Ace of Wands for good!


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer; The Wild Offering Oracle by Tosha Silver and art by Katie Daisy.

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