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Sagittarius December New Moon Reading

Sagittarius, this is your time to come to know yourself at an entirely new level. With this new moon, falling in your own sign of straightforward, outspoken Sagittarius, secrets are going to be revealed...

~ December New Moon reading for Sagittarius sun/moon/rising ~


Secrets Uncover Truth

Sagittarius, this is your time to come to know yourself at an entirely new level. With this new moon, falling in your own sign of straightforward, outspoken Sagittarius, secrets are going to be revealed that help you serve your highest purpose. I see you studying, uncovering new truths about yourself and others that change the way you think.

Do you know how monumental this transformation is? What you think about you bring about, so transforming how you think is actually transforming how you manifest. Brilliant!

The Secret Is Out

The High Priestess dominates this new moon with her core connection to intuition. She is quickly followed by the Princess of Swords and the King of Wands–two royals who are showing you how to approach situations through your cool intellect and honest sense of truth.

The High Priestess also rules secrets and what is hidden, however. Another layer of this new moon is that in gaining new knowledge about yourself you are learning to see others more clearly as well. With a Major Arcana card, what you are learning to see is always for your highest good and to help you serve your true purpose.

Releasing Limiting Beliefs

The theme for this reading is the Autumnal Equinox/Release, signifying that as you gain new introspection, you are able to review limiting beliefs from your past and release them without being overwhelmed by them. The Princess of Swords helps you do this with her calm, airy sense of higher purpose.

I was curious about seeing the Fferyllt in reverse appear directly across from the High Priestess. I asked for more information on this Major Arcana card and I got the Milky Way/Perspective, also in reverse. Reversals can speak to blocking or denying energy, but they are also about first accepting things internally.

I feel you are discovering the full macrocosm and microcosm of your soul, and you are surprised to discover how much is divine within you! This process is extremely intimate and personal to you, and so the Fferyllt in reverse also just feels to me like this is happening in secret, or in a way that you don’t quite feel ready to share with the world just yet. However…

Come Back from the Mountain

The Hermit comes up in reverse in a card position we call the “pivot of change.” You’ve been on this journey of transformation for some time, dear Sagittarius, and this new moon has signaled that you have finished a karmic lesson. It’s time to return home from the mountain and tell the people what you have discovered.

I feel you not quite ready to do this, because you are still learning to trust your own power. But your truth is what we all need to hear! This might also signify that it’s time for you to release the belief that you are all alone on this journey. Even if your new discoveries are compelling you to let go of people and situations, the Hermit is still coming back from isolation to discover that he has learned how to get the help he needs.

National Treasure

The Three of Pentacles and the Seven of Swords came out of the deck together, so this new moon is a big new beginning for you, dear Sagittarius! This type of energy is like National Treasure, or The Da Vinci Code–you are going to enter into an exciting journey of study that has you up late at night Googling healthy living, past lives, chakra healing, Freemasons and you name it!

The Three signifies a work in progress but also a new sense of wholeness (3 = mind + body + spirit) in the suit of Pentacles, which is our daily toil and our physical foundation. Your new way of thinking is literally building a new life for you, dear Sagittarius.

Level Up

Sagittarius, be proud of this moment. You are where you are because of the hard work you’ve done in the past to bring you to this current moment of deep understanding. You’ve literally just leveled UP in a big way!

And though this reading ends with yet another journey of discovery to go on, that’s just what adventurous Sagittarius lives for. Get excited for wherever the road is going to take you next!


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer.

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