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Capricorn December New Moon Reading

From disappointment to your heart's desire, this December new moon has made you dramatically shift the nature of a key relationship, dear Capricorn...

~ December New Moon reading for Capricorn sun/moon/rising ~


It Must Be True Love

From disappointment to your heart’s desire, this December new moon has made you dramatically shift the nature of a key relationship, dear Capricorn. You might be in the process of trying to work through a major fight, or even deciding that it’s time to move on.

Are you really ready to let go of this person, though? Sometimes it’s like when P!nk says “I really hate you so much, it must be true love.” But then again, you’re not the dramatic type who generally likes throwing crockery and screaming. So.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

The reading centers around the Five of Swords, which is a pretty dark energy. It shows two people who have just finished a battle. One is the victor while the other slinks away in defeat…but truly, neither really look happy.

Mirroring the Five is the Prince of Swords, showing that beneath the surface, it’s hurtful words and painful information that are at the root of this angst. You could have just learned something about your partner that deeply upset you, or had a huge fight. This is air energy so there could also be a Gemini, Libra or Aquarius involved. Air can get pretty sarcastic so you or your S.O. probably said some nasty things.

Fire Breaks Free

It seems, however, that you’ve decided enough is enough. This December new moon seems to have pushed you to see the only way forward as to make a dramatic, rather drastic change. The Prince of Wands and the Two of Wands in reverse both indicate that you made the resolution to dash forward through an open door that you’ve never dared open before.

You might have recently flirted or hooked up with an Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, or maybe you’ve taken on this fiery energy yourself–very dramatic for you, solid and dignified Capricorn! I really feel you’ve been pushed into a wild streak, however, which Capricorns do occasionally swing off into, and then they swing hard. Like, going to Vegas and blowing all your money on booze and stealing a live tiger to teach it how to play beer pong. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And please don’t steal a tiger. They have rights!

Calling in Your Soulmate

It’s important to see that the painful situation you are coming out of is actually creating room in your life for you to call in your soulmate. When I asked what the theme of this reading was, two cards actually popped out: Love/Compassion and Dreamtime/Creation.

It’s time for you to focus your thoughts on your dreams! These are rosy, happy messages that want you to focus on your joy–not on pain or anger at fighting. Be specific about what you want in a partner and even write it down: values nature, wants children, wants to travel, etc. But remember: the law of attraction is that whatever you think about you bring about so consider that concept carefully!

For example: if you tell yourself “I want a partner who doesn’t boss me around,” and that thought is quickly followed by ten minutes of resentful reminiscing about your last S.O. and how much of a bossypants they were…then what you are actually focusing on is drawing in someone who bosses you around! Try something positive instead like: “I want a partner who appreciates that I can make my own decisions.” Then daydream about what a partner like that would do and say to you, and how great that feels!

Single or Taken?

Capricorn, I think you are facing a decision about whether or not you’re happier off on your own. You can be a pretty comfortable solitary sign, so that decision is yours. One thing that cards cannot do is dictate your own Free Will–that is God’s gift to you and what makes us human and alive.

If you are currently in a fairly stable relationship, the conflict you are experiencing could be a flag that you simply need to take action on changing the dynamic of your relationship. We all can get stuck in patterns in partnerships, and sometimes it takes a big fight to bring our awareness to that pattern.

I ultimately see victory for you in the Six of Wands at the reading’s end, so that tells me that whatever decision you make, it will come from your gut and be the right one for you. If the Prince of Wands is a new potential partner you’ve met, I feel that this person will push you out of your comfort zone a bit, but that’s good. They’ll teach you how to have fun in new ways.

Another thought, Capricorn, if you don’t want a current relationship to end: apply the same mental attitude of Love/Compassion and Dreamtime/Creation to it. The next time an argument begins to erupt, surround the situation with compassion and let that emotion guide your responses…you might be surprised by how much your partner responds with compassion in turn.


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer.

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