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Aquarius December New Moon Reading

Spoiler: this reading is going to get deep AF. Aquarius, what is going on with you?? I'm going to tell you right now that there is something crazy major happening for you...

~ December New Moon reading for Aquarius sun/moon/rising ~

Karma Must Be Satisfied

Spoiler: this reading is going to get deep AF. Aquarius, what is going on with you??


I’m going to tell you right now, dear Aquarius, that there is something crazy major happening for you with this December new moon. I kept trying to see something lighthearted and everyday but I just kept rolling across KARMA KARMA KARMA. Whatever you are in right now, it’s part of something way bigger than the month of December.

At the heart of the reading are two Nines that mirror each other, the Nine of Cups and the Nine of Pentacles. Both are in reverse. I asked for clarification on this and I pulled Clouds/Shapeshifting in reverse.

I have a pretty wild theory about what it means when I see the concept of shapeshifting come up in a reading alongside an ancestors card, but I won’t get into that. I’ll just say that at the most basic level, a superficial veil has fallen away to reveal a problem that is so great that you feel you cannot overcome it right now.

The Nines teach us how to deal with our problems. The Nine of Pentacles upright thinks she has to do everything alone, just as the Nine of Cups upright thinks the problem will go away if we just have another party, get one more high. Reversed, both are suddenly confronted with an entirely new kind of problem–one that’s probably been around for awhile, carefully concealed. And with Clouds/Shapeshifting in reverse, it’s a problem you can’t even get your arms around because the source of it is eluding you.

The issue, dear Aquarius, is that you are imagining that this problem is recent. You’re not looking at the larger patterns that actually link it to a much larger framework of conflict. What you are dealing with is not a one-off, isolated event. It’s part of a larger pattern in your life that might even go back to early childhood. It’s even part of a karmic mark left in your family from perhaps generations ago. Do you think I sound crazy? It’s a lot more common in families than you might believe.

Echoes from the Past

When I look at the theme of the reading, Ancestors/Generations, in reverse, I feel some shame tied to your past or to past generations in your family lineage. This problem that you are in the midst of seems to overwhelm you because it feels “everywhere.”

Yet the problem is not so much everywhere as it is simply within your own family–but our loved ones naturally feel like “everyone.” It’s especially hard if everyone in your family just “goes along with it” even if they see something is wrong. I even see the possibility for abuse in this, but I pray that it is something much less dark for you. After all, we all carry around family karma with us to a degree.

Let’s say your grandma grew up during the Depression and was consequently kind of a hoarder…then your mom learned to resent this behavior when she was a child and as an adult started replacing everything in the house every three months…then you grew up feeling like your beloved toys were snatched from you prematurely so you’ve always been super possessive over your stuff…it goes on.

Maybe what you’re dealing with now goes way back, but the simple act of recognizing that it is part of this larger ancestral pattern gives you the perspective to feel less overwhelmed by it. Whatever pattern that you learned from your family, you have the power to unlearn it. Whatever karma you are dealing with, the universe is telling you that YOU have the power to end it, here and now. But how?

Balance and Choices

At the heart of this reading there seems to be a question of balance or choice between two. Excluding interpretation of the cards themselves, the reading has two Cups, two Pentacles and two Wands. Within that there are two court cards (the King and Princess of Wands), two Nines and two Aces.

Each of these pairs mirrors its counterpart across the hexagram, echoing what I feel is a polarity of thought in your own mind, dear Aquarius. This or this? Yes or no? Left or right? What do I do? What do I do?

The reading ends on a pretty positive note, however, with the kind, openhearted King of Wands and the beautiful Ace of Cups, overflowing with love. The answer is simply to lead with your heart.

To get there, however, you first must make the choice to step out on a new path and to build a new foundation for yourself. With the Princess of Wands and the Ace of Pentacles both in reverse, I see that you are at the point of trying to make this decision, yet still struggling with it.

I said this in another reading, but the Tarot does not dictate your Free Will. That is your gift from God and your freedom to choose how to live is what defines your very humanity. This is your choice, but remember this: the choice you make is either about continuing family patterns or deciding to divert them.

Choose Love

Dear Aquarius, you are being given a huge test of growth right now that’s not only for your own soul’s highest good, but for that of your family as well.

The truth is that we all carry responsibility for the legacy that we leave the next generation. That legacy isn’t money or status–it’s our character. We can choose to continue a pattern of darkness or we can choose to end it. If you choose to end something dark by asking love to guide your actions, the universe will step in to support you in every way that it can. And it’s the universe so…it can do a lot more than you think possible.

What does that mean? It means loving yourself and with this love, loving others. It means honoring your mind, body and spirit and honoring that of those who you call family. It means addressing your own thought patterns and daily habits and asking yourself honestly how you have contributed to getting yourself to this moment. It means taking responsibility for the gift of your own life and choosing self-empowerment over blaming others.

The King and Princess of Wands are a reminder of the royal birthright you carry–we are all children of a divinely ordered universe. This human lineage goes much further back than the dark karmic energy that you are going to overcome. And you will overcome it.


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer.

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