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Leo October Channeled Message

This reading is for the month of October 2018 for Leo sun, moon and rising.

Shine Your Brightest

This past full moon in Aries conjunct Chiron on Sept. 24th hit everyone, Leo. I feel that a truth was revealed to you about your environment that took you several weeks to process and be able to acknowledge. With the new moon in Libra on Oct. 8th, I feel you are starting to find balance in your emotions and to bring clarity to your situation, ultimately finding a path towards justice.

The Hexagram (Double Triangle) Spread

The Hexagram Spread forms a circle of two triangles. The first triangle represents the outer ways of being. The second triangle shows what’s really behind this situation.

Leo October 2018
Leo October 2018

Outer Triangle:

  • The Apparent Situation: Queen of Wands
  • The Point of Tension: King of Cups
  • The Key to Resolution: Ace of Wands in reverse

Inner Triangle:

  • The Subconscious Situation: Prince of Swords
  • The Pivot of Change: Four of Wands in reverse
  • The Key to Harmony: The Sun

Theme: Lake/Stillness in reverse

The Reading

I pulled cards for you, Leo, three days ago, but it was about 11:30 at night and I was so exhausted I decided it would be better to wait and pull again when I was not as tired.

Interestingly, I pulled some of the same cards, though one had shifted from the reversed to the upright position. Even over the course of a few days, you’ve been shifting your attitude and your energy.

The theme of the reading, though, actually came out exactly the same! So you are still in the same situation of processing what came of the new moon in Libra on the 8th.

The theme for you is Lake/Stillness in reverse, and what comes to me is that you are looking for this stillness within and striving to find it despite an environment where there is fighting and some bitter words.

You have been struggling to find stillness within because of the stress of your environment.

At the beginning of the outward triangle, you have positioned yourself as the Queen of Wands, determined to project the beautiful, warm, positive fire energy of Leo at everything so as to burn away any negativity. Leo, this is one of your most wonderful qualities–you make everyone else feel as sunny as you do!

But deep down, dear Leo, I feel like your heart is not as sunny as you try to project. With the King of Cups appearing in the position of the point of tension, mastering your emotions is top of your mind right now.

Here’s the funny thing, though: the King of Cups was the card that appeared in the first card pull I did for you three days ago–except then he was in reverse, and occupying the position of the pivot of change.

It looks like you have changed in some way internally. You seem to have been trying to be honest with yourself about your emotional needs and for that reason, the King appeared upright three days later. So why did he appear in the point of tension?

I feel the answer is in the completion of this triangle: The Ace of Wands, appearing in reverse in the position of the key to resolution. It’s as if in being honest with yourself about your feelings, you’ve started to hear your heart telling you that your fire has gone out and it’s time to find a way to reignite the flame.

Your fire has gone out. It’s time to reignite the flame.

Why is this happening, dear Leo? I think you are in an environment, or in a situation with several people, in which there is conflict. When we look at the beginning of the inward triangle, the Prince of Swords mirrors the Queen of Wands as the subconscious situation at hand. There have been arguments, or someone blowing up at you for no reason, or else just a conflicted, poisonous atmosphere.

The next part of the inward triangle seems to support this, too. The Four of Wands in reverse sits in the position of the pivot of change, showing a community struggling to find harmony. I feel your disappointment, dear Leo, when I say that this environment seems to be revealing itself as something you simply can’t thrive in anymore.

The final card of the reading offers you the karmic lesson behind this situation. The Sun, your astrological patron, shows the key to harmony. Embrace truth, clarity and light in everything you do.

Embrace truth, clarity and light.

You have been trying to deny what is around you for so long that it has come to infect you inside. That is why the lake is not still, and there is no peace in your heart. The Sun wants you to shed light on this truth and to acknowledge it for what it is–but also to embrace optimism. You were meant to shine, dear Leo–not to hide away in the shadows.

This feels like a situation that has a “Part II” so we will see how this progresses. For now, it’s enough for you to be coming to terms with what you are in right now, and deciding what you need to be your happy, sunny self!


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer; The Wild Offering Oracle by Tosha Silver and art by Katie Daisy.

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