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Gemini October Channeled Message

This reading is for the month of October 2018 for Gemini sun, moon and rising.

Get Your Fire Back

This past full moon in Aries conjunct Chiron on Sept. 24th hit everyone, Gemini. I feel you were one of the ones hit pretty hard, and you’re still coming out of it. I do feel you in a better space than several weeks ago, but it’s like you’ve got one foot in the past and one in the future, and it’s just draining you. But you can get your fire back!

The Hexagram (Double Triangle) Spread

The Hexagram Spread forms a circle of two triangles. The first triangle represents the outer ways of being. The second triangle shows what’s really behind this situation.

Gemini October 2018
Gemini October 2018

Outer Triangle:

  • The Apparent Situation: The Lord
  • The Point of Tension: Five of Cups in reverse
  • The Key to Resolution: Cernunnos in reverse

Inner Triangle:

  • The Subconscious Situation: Two of Swords in reverse
  • The Pivot of Change: The World in reverse
  • The Key to Harmony: Nine of Wands

Theme: Fire/Passion

The Reading

Gemini, I just feel so tired for you. Really, really tired.

Whatever you have been going through has been extremely draining, and you start off October with your body, mind and soul operating at about 50%. That won’t do, dear Gemini.

The theme of your reading is Fire/Passion, and for you, I feel that this is what you have been lacking and what you need to get back. I feel you struggling against some invisible authority or cage that has made you feel locked up and unable to express yourself fully.

Deep down, you know that you can get out of this, though. It’s going to take some bravery on your part, though, because you are shying away from facing the last of your karmic lessons in this situation, and it is keeping you stuck in this negative energy.

You have karmic lessons that you have yet to face in this situation.

The outward triangle starts with The Lord, the ultimate authority figure. The Lord represents rules, society, law and order. Infused with the passion of the original spirit that created them, all of these things create a vibrant, free and safe society. Devoid of feeling, they become tyrannical to personal freedom.

In the position of the point of tension, the Five of Cups shows me that you have experienced some kind of painful loss or heartache that has been difficult to get over. Part of you logically recognizes that this was meant to help you transform into something greater than you were-to come more fully into the essence of the true you. But the heart still hurts.

The key to resolution shows Cernunnos in reverse. Cernunnos occupies the same position as The Devil in the traditional tarot, but druidism doesn’t recognize the devil.

Here, what is being represented is anything that makes us feel enslaved. Belief systems can do that, and so can addictive substances, toxic relationships, and deep subconscious emotions that need to be released (hence the sexual exhaustion of the couple standing in front of Cernunnos).

With Cernunnos in reverse, I feel you struggling to break free from past traumas and negative thought patterns that are tied to the situation of the Five of Cups. It’s like, the Five was an event that actually happened recently, but the pain behind it is linked to something that goes much deeper into your past. Cernunnos is a Major Arcana card, so when we see it, we know that there is some deep soul healing that needs to happen.

I also feel a lot of passion around Cernunnos, with the Fire card as your theme. That’s also hard to walk away from. But this thing that fills you with passion is also drowning out your inner flame-the real, true passion which needs to drive your life. That’s why you’re so freaking drained, Gemini.

I’m going to tell you a truth that I think you might find hard to hear: You are the one keeping you enslaved. To understand what I mean by that, look to the beginning of the inward triangle with the Two of Swords in reverse. This Two represents a figure paralyzed by indecision but truthfully they already know the choice they need to make.

You have not yet made the decision inside to walk away from something that is bad for you.

You can reclaim your personal passion, dear Gemini. It belongs to you and by right is yours-but you must be the one to claim it. When you are able to recognize your role in letting the pain go, I feel that you will naturally find ways to do so that are right for you.

In doing so, you will be completing the karmic lesson that is currently shown by The World in reverse. This card occupies the card position showing the key to change, and the reversal simply tells me that the change is in your frame of mind.

Gemini, you are SUCH a powerful creator! Do you even realize this? Your thoughts are rapidly manifesting reality around you all the time. And Gemini thinks faster than anyone else in the zodiac so that’s saying something! When you begin to recognize your personal power, you will find so many things you thought were impossible, suddenly inevitable.

When you recognize your personal power, the impossible becomes the inevitable.

The reading ends with the Nine of Wands. Though this guy has been through hell, he stoutly defends his own against attackers with the hindsight he’s gained from past experience. I see you coming through this so much stronger than when you started out.

And though the Nine can sometimes show a heart closed off, I feel that in conjunction with the Fire/Passion card, this is simply you taking the new attitude that you are who you are and nobody can push you around anymore. You’re simply not going to take it.


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer; The Wild Offering Oracle by Tosha Silver and art by Katie Daisy.

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