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Cancer October Channeled Message

This reading is for the month of October 2018 for Cancer sun, moon and rising.

Divine Timing

This past full moon in Aries conjunct Chiron on Sept. 24th hit everyone, Cancer. You were one such who felt this full moon extraordinarily deeply, and even now, I feel you still coming out of what you discovered. You are using this information to figure out how to act, but remember: divine timing is real.

The Hexagram (Double Triangle) Spread

The Hexagram Spread forms a circle of two triangles. The first triangle represents the outer ways of being. The second triangle shows what’s really behind this situation.

Cancer October 2018

Outer Triangle:

  • The Apparent Situation: Three of Cups in reverse
  • The Point of Tension: Three of Swords in reverse
  • The Key to Resolution: Ace of Wands in reverse

Inner Triangle:

  • The Subconscious Situation: The Magician
  • The Pivot of Change: Five of Pentacles
  • The Key to Harmony: The Chariot in reverse

Theme: Green Man/Synergy and Eight of Swords

The Reading

I had a jumper come out of the deck as I was shuffling for you, Cancer, so I kept it and put it alongside the theme I pulled for you. Oddly, when I laid the two cards side by side, they seemed to tell a continuous story.

Almost everyone seems to be going through some kind of self-discovery of personal power, and this rings very true for you. The Eight of Swords is a person who feels trapped by obstacles and negativity, and confused about which way to turn thanks to a blindfold.

But the reality is that this person is not trapped–they can walk away at any moment they want to. They might even use one of those swords to cut their bonds. But the figure doesn’t realize how much they’re capable of. They feel, instead, like the powerless victim. But the secret is that they are really the Green Man.

The Green Man/Synergy is your theme card for this reading, Cancer. The Green Man is the same figure as Cernunnos, an all-powerful entity that represents the generative quality of nature. From it I can see how you are going to free yourself from this prison. But you first must take off the blindfold and recognize your power for what it is.

There are two Threes in your reading which speak to not feeling whole inside, as Threes represent the union of mind, body and spirit. The outward triangle begins with the Three of Cups in reverse, defining the entire situation as a kind of isolation from those whose company you desperately want.

The point of tension shows the Three of Swords in reverse, indicating, however, that much of this isolation is stemming from withdrawal happening inside you. In fact, loneliness fills this entire reading, dear Cancer, and for that I am sorry.

You are changing at a profound level, and that can be a lonely process at first.

What I feel is happening here is that you are changing on a profound level, and in doing so you’ve begun to pull away from others so that you can figure out what your own new vibration is going to be. While that happens, the feeling can be extremely lonely, because all of a sudden you do not see eye to eye with those around you. Or you simply and suddenly feel very different from them, and you don’t understand why you are suddenly so alone.

Sometimes when we grow, we grow away from certain people or certain environments. This is because our vibration is changing and we are actually repelling some of the things that we used to attract. While the physical environment is rearranging itself to match our new vibration, we can feel literally cut off from others.

You are in for a ride, but while things are in flux, you have the ability to redirect them.

The result of this is in the Ace of Wands in reverse, in which it feels like your fire has gone out. I do feel that this is temporary, but I should also tell you that you are in for a ride! So much energy is still shifting and nothing is settled yet. The good news with that is that, while things are still in flux, you have the ability to redirect them.

The beginning of the inward triangle shows us just how much personal power you have, with The Magician appearing as the subconscious layer to this situation. Wow, Cancer! There is no other card in the deck with the ability to manifest the way The Magician can. With this card, you command all the elements-earth, air, fire and water-and the universe is literally at your disposal! So what do you want to create?

The reading finishes with the Five of Pentacles and The Chariot, both in reverse. I do feel that you are going to continue to pass through stages of transformation and some of these are going to feel like losses, but others are going to feel like liberation. As this process happens, you are going to feel movement happening in stages as well, in contrast to periods of stagnation.

There is such a thing as divine timing.

Try to just go with the flow as this process happens, because there is such a thing as divine timing, dear Cancer. The higher part of your soul is actually intentionally slowing down this process because you can only handle so much change at once. It is really¬†you parceling out these transformations bit by bit so that you, in this human form, in this dimension, can integrate that experience fully and learn from it. This is your soul’s highest act of self-love.

Let us end where we began, with the Green Man. Cancer, this card fills me with so much excitement and joy, I can’t tell you how magnificent it is to see you growing into who you truly are in this way!

While you go through this process, take time to honor what your soul is doing, and treat yourself to little acts of self-care along the way: A bubble bath, your favorite ice cream, new fuzzy house slippers (Cancer loves cozy things). Every time you honor your process, you raise your vibration just a little more and you redirect your energy faster towards what you want to truly manifest.


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer; The Wild Offering Oracle by Tosha Silver and art by Katie Daisy.

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