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Aries October Channeled Message

This reading is for the month of October 2018 for Aries sun, moon and rising.

A Heart in Training

This past full moon in Aries conjunct Chiron on Sept. 24th hit everyone, Aries. You in particular have seen some massive shifts, but the good news is that now you seem to be turning the tide for your personal good. I feel you discovering new things about your own heart that you didn’t even know where there, and this process is making you a more authentic person. Change like this is not without some hiccups, but this is divinely called and happening to help make you more whole.

The Hexagram (Double Triangle) Spread

The Hexagram Spread forms a circle of two triangles. The first triangle represents the outer ways of being. The second triangle shows what’s really behind this situation.

Aries October 2018
Aries October 2018

Outer Triangle:

  • The Apparent Situation: The Queen of Cups in reverse
  • The Point of Tension: Three of Wands in reverse
  • The Key to Resolution: Princess of Cups

Inner Triangle:

  • The Subconscious Situation: The High Priest in reverse
  • The Pivot of Change: The Sun in reverse
  • The Key to Harmony: Three of Cups

Theme: Rainbow/Blessings in reverse

The Reading

Emotional growth is major for you right now, Aries. October begins with the Queen of Cups as the beginning of the outward triangle, representing the apparent situation. This Queen is the most emotionally grounded of all the Minor Arcana (Cups, Wands, Pentacles and Swords). She holds her cup before her just under the full moon, fully attuned herself to powerful draw of deep feeling.

As a fire sign you know passion pretty well, but something about the depth of this watery queen is a little new for you, and still a little bit uncertain. When I look at the full reading, however, especially seeing two Threes (representing the mind, body and spirit) and the Princess of Cups (a heart in training), I feel you slowly embracing this new side of yourself.

You are embracing a new emotional depth that is helping you become more authentic.

Mirroring the Queen of Cups is the High Priest in reverse, occupying the position of the subconscious situation. This is a Major Arcana card and so it speaks to karmic, soul development. The High Priest represents orthodoxy and social institutions upright. Reversed, rebellion from these.

Something about this beautiful queen’s emotions is turning everything that you were taught to believe on its head. Perhaps you come from a strict religious upbringing or even a political upbringing-for some, politics are another kind of religion. There is some kind of belief system or sense of social order that you have embraced maybe even a little zealously to this point. But now what you thought you believed is being called into question…by you.

Everything you thought you believed is being called into question.

Next the Three of Wands in reverse represents the point of tension. You have lost your drive and sense of purpose because of the massive change that is happening inside you right now. Aries, you normally like to go forth into the world feeling very confident in what you do, say and believe. But now…you’re less sure of the ships you’ve been waiting on to come in.

The Princess of Cups in the position of key to resolution is showing you the way. I have once heard her called “a heart in training” and I feel that is absolutely true for you, dear Aries. What is happening now is that you are shedding belief systems about your place in society–and maybe even how society should function–with a new truth that comes directly from your own heart.

The fact that this princess is upright makes me confident that you are ready to embrace this new, more authentic way of being, and to allow it to manifest in your physical life.

I do foresee some more struggle for you, though, Aries. The Sun in reverse, in the position of the pivot of change, shows me you are still stuck in some confusion because your new inner truths are at odds with what the people around you are saying.

In the final card, Aries, the Three of Cups shows me that some of those people are going to be eclipsed out of your life because they are not willing to accept you changing. This is an inevitable part of changing your own vibration–something that you have begun to do simply by listening to your own heart over what convention has taught you.

You are naturally stepping more into the truth coming from your own heart.

You are not matching the vibration, anymore, of those who are still stuck in the old beliefs that you are evolving away from. Whoever you choose to distance yourself from or who distances themselves from you, let them go for now. We all have free will and if their vibration begins to match yours again, they will come back into your life.

Others, however, will show themselves for the true friends they are and embrace you for the true essence of you. The beautiful thing about growing into your own heart is that it always, always attracts in others who match that beautiful new vibration. I see your circle perhaps getting a little smaller, but also getting so much stronger.

The theme of this reading is Rainbow/Blessings. The reason I feel it has come out reversed is because you still need to recognize that what is happening to you right now¬†is a blessing and is for your highest good. It’s okay to change, Aries. In fact, your soul is depending upon it.

Welcome in the new truths coming to your heart, dear Aries, and trust that they are serving your highest good.


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer; The Wild Offering Oracle by Tosha Silver and art by Katie Daisy.

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