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Aquarius October Channeled Message

This reading is for the month of October 2018 for Aquarius sun, moon and rising.

Power Led by Love

This past full moon in Aries conjunct Chiron on Sept. 24th hit everyone, Aquarius. Like most of the other readings I’ve done for this month, I see many reversed cards for you, signifying lots of internal change and new ways of thinking that are helping you to grow into your life’s purpose. I was struck, however, by the unique tone of your reading, which spoke heavily about gaining massive power, and how to embrace power while using it appropriately. What an incredible transformation, Aquarius!

The Hexagram (Double Triangle) Spread

The Hexagram Spread forms a circle of two triangles. The first triangle represents the outer ways of being. The second triangle shows what’s really behind this situation.

Aquarius October 2018
Aquarius October 2018

Outer Triangle:

  • The Apparent Situation: The High Priest
  • The Point of Tension: Three of Pentacles in reverse
  • The Key to Resolution: Prince of Cups in reverse

Inner Triangle:

  • The Subconscious Situation: Ten of Cups in Reverse
  • The Pivot of Change: Four of Pentacles in reverse
  • The Key to Harmony: Strength in reverse

Theme: Lightning/Power

The Reading

Dear Aquarius, you are coming into your POWER!

That much is obvious. This reading begins with the High Priest, symbolizing social institutions and the communal trust we place in authority figures. For you, though, I actually see you as the High Priest, embracing a new voice of authority that you have to offer society.

Wow! That’s pretty huge. But I feel you wavering on really stepping into this role, Aquarius. It’s a combination of two things that are not uncommon when someone who has previously been a servant of other people’s whims suddenly steps into a position of power. One, you do not yet fully believe in yourself. Two, neither do other people around you.

Neither of these viewpoints matters, however. When we see the High Priest appear, Spirit is telling you that it is time to embrace your natural authority. It is what you have been called to do.

You have a gift to lead, and you must accept this gift.

You do not recognize the natural leadership in you, feeling always somewhat outside the fringes of conventional thought. But you have a gift to lead and you are being asked to lead right now from a place of Spirit, not fear.

Part of the reason that you are not appreciated for your voice right now is actually because do not value this quality in yourself. We don’t realize how much our opinions of ourselves teach other people how to treat us. When we speak confidently-though not arrogantly-of our own abilities, other people tend to believe us because we believe ourselves.

The theme of this reading is Lightning/Power. It seems as if out of nowhere, you have been gifted, Aquarius, with this position of high authority. It feels like something where your voice is very important, so I feel it related to a promotion, or if you are a writer or speaker, some kind of media spot or publishing deal that puts you in front of the public.

You are getting ready to speak to the masses and your voice is meant to be heard.

I can feel you almost unable to believe how this could even be happening. You really don’t get yet how powerful you are! In the position of the point of tension, we have the Three of Pentacles in reverse. You have had an inner awakening to your new potential, but you are struggling to acclimate to this newfound power and to integrate it successfully into your daily work.

Or perhaps you are struggling with a job that is not your true vocation, and finding it hard to keep being in an environment where the people around you don’t want to recognize your power, or have not yet learned to appreciate it.

Yet the High Priest in the upright position speaks to being ready to embrace your abilities openly and to bring them fully to manifest in the physical world. It is okay to struggle with something so big as this. Just know that the universe is rooting for you to work through it because you have work to do!

In the third card in the reading, the Prince of Cups in reverse, I get a little more insight into the obstacles you face. I would say 99% of them are really in your head and heart, and very little of them are actually anything to do with what other people say or do. Again, this reading seems to be all about recognizing YOUR power to make change.

The third position is called the key to resolution. Upright, this Prince of Cups holds his cup aloft, letting his dreams act as a beacon and direct his steps. Reversed, the Prince waffles with uncertainty, fear and apathy.

I know this feeling well, and it almost always points to an inward feeling of not knowing what to do because you are still not trusting yourself to lead! And when we look at the beginning of the “inward” triangle, we can immediately see why.

You are still not trusting yourself to lead.

Beginning the second triangle, the Ten of Cups in reverse appears as the subconscious issue, or shadow side, of this situation. Mirroring the outward energy of the High Priest, I feel that this reversed Ten is ironically a feeling that your wishes have not yet come true. I hear the words being spoken, “I don’t have what I want.”

Aquarius, do you not see that you have the power to get what you want? YOU can make it all happen! It’s up to you to make your dreams a reality and part of that is deciding that you are, indeed, in charge of your own life. I get a sense that this is the first time, in maybe a very long time for you, that you have been given the full authority over your own life, and it’s both wonderful and terrifying.

Do you ever notice that the first time you are given exactly what you ask for, you sometimes become frozen with fear on how to actually have it? This is what I am feeling for you, dear Aquarius. When we are granted our wishes and suddenly imbued with the power to decide…we freeze. Wait, now it’s up to me to succeed?

When some external force was blocking you, it was easy to hide your fears of failure behind an externalized wall of blame. It was easy to say that it was their fault that you couldn’t have what you wanted. But now there’s no one to blame but yourself if you fail.

Or at least, those are the thoughts that I’m pretty sure are running through your head right now, dear Aquarius. But that’s only one way of looking at this!

You would not have gotten this reading if you were not meant to embrace this, dear Aquarius.

Let’s look at the fifth card, the Four of Pentacles. There’s a really protective vibe to this card, as if the person has to keep close watch on their valuables lest they be stolen away. This person is not very secure, and struggles to be vulnerable with others.

In the position of the pivot of change, I feel you needing to let go of some of this fear of being vulnerable with who you really are. I keep going back to this feeling of being a child and suddenly growing up.

I don’t know what’s happened to you, but I feel you are throwing off some kind of influence from your parents or authority figures from childhood. You never realized how much this influence has stayed with you subconsciously and dictated your decisions…until now. It’s like you’re finally recognizing that those voices are no longer as powerful as you own. Instead, it’s time to hear YOU speak.

The events that I see unfolding here are so karmically intense that I want to address something with you for a minute, dear Aquarius.

Power is a blessing and a huge responsibility.

You are learning to value your own self-worth and your powerful abilities in a brand new way. This is fantastic! It’s as if in some ways this part of you is finally awakening and you are coming into maturity with it. But just as adults must learn a healthy balance of self-respect and respect for others, with this power you are also learning to be powerful without hurting other people in the process.

Remember that all that you are is divinely given. It is given with the expectation that you will use your gifts for your highest good, and for the good of those you are now able to deeply influence.

When describing the Ace of Cups and its illustration of universal source-love, Rachel Pollack, author of 78 Degrees of Wisdom, says:

“The world does not function primarily by its laws, its moral order and its social structures, but rather by the spiritual basis which gives all these things meaning, and protects them from corruption.”

Your reading ends with Strength in reverse. This card from the Major Arcana reminds you that as you step into your power, you are being asked to lead from within using your heart. This is how you will find your strength, and how you will turn this card upright to realize its full expression in the physical world. Love is the foundation on which you will build your power, and it will make you and everyone around you stronger for it.


Decks: The Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington; Earth Magic Oracle Cars by Steven D. Farmer; The Wild Offering Oracle by Tosha Silver and art by Katie Daisy.

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