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Full Moon in Aries: Aries Is Wounded

This reading is for sun, moon and rising in Aries.

Channeled cards:

Starting on the left and following clockwise: Prince of Pentacles, reversed, Two of Cups, reversed, Prince of Swords, Three of Swords; from the Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington.

The Full Moon in Aries: Externalizing Pain to Heal It

The full moon in Aries on September 24th was such an emotional whopper for most of us that I decided to meditate and channel on the healing mission that this full moon had for each of us. I read that this full moon in Aries was also conjunct Chiron, a comet that is known as the ‘Wounded Healer’–a very apt name for a celestial body that requires us to dredge up and examine our deepest, unhealed wounds.

For this Full Moon reading, I decided to follow the natural progression of energy of the themes building up to the full moon, and then their resolution as it begins to wane. The structure of the reading uses four cards arranged clockwise in a circle to represent the New Moon (beginning or basis), Waxing Moon (progression), Full Moon (culmination) and Waning Moon (resolution). I don’t necessarily read the moons as literal weeks–e.g., the New Moon card is literally what happened two weeks ago. For this particular full moon, I feel the situations are from the past few months, and yet they are themes that have repeated themselves for years in our lives.

Regardless of our birth charts, the theme of this full moon is closely linked to self-love (Aries) and the love we give others (Libra–directly opposite Aries on the zodiac wheel). In varying degrees, we seem to be experiencing again, past painful experiences related to giving and receiving love, that we never got over. Those experiences have somehow come to the surface again in order to finally confront, embrace and move forward from them. I’m getting choked up writing this, and I know how draining and challenging this has been for all of us. This full moon wants us to recognize and honor ourselves for the work we have done to this point.

The Full Moon Reading

With the full moon falling in your sign, dear Aries, it is no wonder if you have felt this full moon deeply, and especially with regard to love. I see a clockwork of love and pain, all mixed together, in a seemingly endless cycle.

Cycles are what come through to me strongly for you, dear Aries, as if you feel stuck in the same old problems and disappointments and arguments again and again. Why are you stuck? How do you get unstuck? Let us start at the beginning of this moon circle.

New Moon Card: The Prince of Pentacles in reverse is even more paralyzed than he is upright. I feel him weirdly oscillating between paralysis and then ironically switching into panicked, thoughtless action because of that paralysis–quick! I’ve got to do something! Aries grows anxious without action, but the Prince of Pentacles teaches us to take our time and move slowly in order to pick out the right path. The Prince of Earth may not be as swift as his cousins in the Wands and Swords suits, but where he steps, he steps firmly.

I feel you’ve been in a situation that wanted steady forward movement from you, dear Aries, but instead you’ve refused to budge. There is something that has been asking you to confront your old emotional belief systems but instead you have buried your head in the sand or been afraid to take the risk and move forward. You’ve been afraid to grow.

Have you been worried about your finances as well, lately? The energy of this Prince in reverse also speaks to strong negative beliefs about abundance and what we deserve (or don’t). Although I feel that the strong theme for you of this full moon is based around a relationship, it’s not uncommon for love and money to go hand in hand. When we cut ourselves off from receiving love, we tend to cut ourselves off from receiving other things as well, or at least feel a sense of scarcity in our lives.

Waxing Moon Card: The first obvious feeling that comes to me with the Two of Cups in reverse is, of course, a love relationship that has plummeted; though another part of this card is the sense of duality–through our relationships with others, we confront our own shadow side. Dear little Aries. From the fear that has kept you paralyzed, we move to a state of being cut off from receiving love.

This may seem like a confusing progression, but here is what I am feeling: the love has turned sour because the foundation was not strong. The foundation was not strong because you were afraid. Are you hearing me, Aries? Fear and love cannot, cannot exist in the same place at the same time–think of it as a law of spiritual physics.

I feel that for many of you, your fears are centered around a secret fear of not being enough. Enough of what? Enough of anything. But let me show you how that false belief plays out when it’s constantly in your subconscious. The vibrational essence of not being good enough attracts another person who does not treat you like you are good enough. Or maybe they’re an awesome person like you, but you can’t stop telling yourself that you’re not good enough so you sabotage the relationship yourself. Our thoughts create our reality. It’s that simple.

Maybe this is an Aries-warrior thing, but I feel from you the need to always have it all going on, all the time. Like, any weakness in you is the worst nightmare imaginable. It’s like you somehow think that if you show emotion, or flaws, or something like that, your partner will immediately “figure out” that you don’t deserve love. What?? Crazy, I know, but I feel that coming on strong from you guys. Behind your bravado and fiery flash is some little itch in your blood, some evil little voice that is saying “Loser.”

Where the hell did that voice come from? Dear Aries, somehow you grew up with a parent or had some formative experience that taught you to hide what you perceive as weakness, or else you would be punished with ridicule and shame. It’s not true! And I’m not just saying that because I have Libra rising and I adore Aries and also basically everybody. You are so special. This full moon in your sign wants you to confront the source of this evil voice so that you can recognize it for what it is–just some dark form of the ego that isn’t the true you.

Full Moon: Here we go, with the full moon appearing as the Prince of Swords. This emotional turmoil has manifested as sharp, bitter words, arguments, and messages and information received that created deep wounds. I do feel like you’ve been fighting with someone, though some of this also feels like that evil voice coming out again and making you say hurtful things to yourself. Dear Aries, I’m so sorry for how this has culminated.

All I can say is that, like a volcano erupting, there have been things that have needed to come to the surface for awhile. Behind the sharp, nasty tone of the Prince of Swords is a kind of clarity about a situation that you had been trying to avoid. But the full moon wants you to have that clarity. The moon, our deepest emotions, gets the full light of the sun shed on her surface, illuminating the deep truths of our emotional being. I feel regret in the things you said, or the things you heard, but some of this just had to come out. It just had to.

You may have even learned something that shocked you. I think you are most shocked, however, dear Aries, by yourself-by those things that were inside you all this time that you kept hidden, even from yourself.

Waning Moon: And so we come to a moment of primal pain in the Three of Swords. There is such sorrow in this card that I can’t gloss it over for you, dear Aries. But to honor your feelings and validate your experience, I don’t feel that I should. Your pain is real and the universe needs to see it. You must show it-a fact that makes you deeply uncomfortable because you must learn to be vulnerable.

That is, after all, some of the lesson of the full moon in Aries conjunct Chiron. None of us like to feel vulnerable but for you, Aries, it’s agonizing. But you are human, dear Aries, and being vulnerable does not have to equate with being in pain. THAT is what you are learning through this experience.

Look, you tried to avoid pain by avoiding vulnerability and how did that end up working out for you? What you are learning now is that vulnerability only equals pain when we have pain to express. But other times…vulnerability means connection with others. Not co-dependence but interdependence.

Real partnership. Real sharing of feelings, thoughts, hopes, dreams–and yes, even fears and uncertainties. And knowing that in sharing them, you will not be judged or found wanting. With this full moon in Aries, the universe wants you to learn that you can have that partnership for real–for REAL!-when you just learn to replace your fear with self-love. God, what a gift self-love is.

Final Divine Message

I pulled another card for you, dear Aries, because I know this was a pretty big emotional roller coaster of a reading. Also, we are gifted with free will, and because of that, I always look for the opportunity to see hope in every situation.

The card I pulled is from the Wild Offering Oracle, and it is called “Gratitude.” I look at this card, flush with fuchsia, flowers and playfulness, and I feel a childlike energy in it. The natural condition of children is to play, a divine calling for little ones. Through their play they enjoy deep awareness of their environment and its possibilities.

This is the secret of gratitude. This card says, “Find just one thing that you feel grateful for right now and let that gratitude pour through your body. It’s a healing balm, like the warmth of the sun.”

Please note: When I say gratitude, no part of that concept should evoke feelings of guilt, shame or reproach. So often people say, “You should feel grateful,” when they really mean, “You should feel bad.” That is not gratitude, because gratitude only ever feels good.

For you to heal, dear Aries, you need to draw your attention away from any feelings of failure and loss. Instead, consider this thought as a point of gratitude: Through this painful experience you have learned to recognize and honor your deep emotional nature and to respect its needs. You are learning to honor yourself and honor others in relationships. You have learned that you can and will break emotional cycles that have enslaved you in the past because they will no longer.

Wow, Aries! You have grown immensely in only a few short weeks. You’re stronger now than you ever were–ironically because you’ve let into your life the very qualities you were afraid would make you weak. As you process your pain, it will become replaced by new wisdom and new self-love, more than you ever felt before. Now isn’t that something to feel grateful for?

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