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Pisces Channeled Message: Treat Yo’ Self

This message is for sun/moon/rising Pisces.
Channeled card:

The Queen of Swords, reversed, from the Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington.

Sweet Pisces, I’m bummed I pulled this for you! And I can hear some of you saying in that resigned, the-burdens-of-the-universe-always-fall-on-me sort of way, “It figures.” Poor Pisces! You’re so darn cute. Look, you have to remember that your endless capacity for compassion and deep feeling is one of your cosmic gifts. It’s why we love you so, dear Pisces.

Keep that in mind as I read the Queen of Swords in reverse for you, because I do feel quite a lot of pain with this card. The Queen of Air has many virtues but it’s not always an easy feeling working with her. She’s been through a lot and upright, she is able to look past the pain to find wisdom. Reversed, she is still in the process of struggling her way through it.

The good news for you, dear Pisces, is that I feel that I’ve pulled this card because you are getting ready to END a painful situation you have been in. This pain is not a future energy I am feeling, but rather something from your past that has continued to give you pain in the present–but the Queen in reverse is a signal that that time is coming to an end. You have learned the lessons you needed to learn internally, and it is time to turn the queen upright.

I see money coming when the queen turns (strangely money also came up for Scorpio–water sign thing?), and I feel that some of this pain is directly linked to your sense of abundance and your resources.

You have been self-denying, perhaps, to get by and make ends meet–or maybe you have not been consciously aware of how self-critical your attitude has been, holding you back from attracting and manifesting everything you deserve. Dear Pisces, have you been telling yourself that you don’t deserve all that you do?

This may be the sign of Air, but this royal lady is wearing rich purple, a color associated with physical luxury and wealth. I feel that this abundance for you will come in many forms–money, good food, massages, time for yourself. I feel that in particular you need to take better care of your body in order to manifest your abundance.

Pisces is an extremely esoteric character, often living more in the mind and soul than in the body. And as empathetic as Pisces can be, they can often drown themselves in their own and everyone else’s problems. This can and will literally manifest physically in the body. Remember that your body is your temple and it was given to you as a gift to take as much responsibility for as you would in keeping your house clean and every part of your physical environment healthy and well-cared for.

For this abundance to come to you, dear Pisces, I feel that you need to embrace the wisdom of the Queen of Swords upright. This means meditating on the sources of the pain that have caused you to feel scarcity in your emotional and physical resources. These are the triggers that are causing you to unconsciously tune yourself to the vibration of scarcity, when the universe wants you to tune in to your favorite FM Abundance station.

If meditation doesn’t come naturally to you, consider that the angels are always trying to communicate with you through any means possible. Take a walk in nature, or listen to your favorite music, and you might be surprised when you start to notice synchronicities start to pop up. You see five goldfinches back to back where you’ve never noticed any before. A song comes on the radio and the lyrics seem to be a direct answer to a problem you’ve had in your head. Numbers are also a big one–angel numbers are a common phenomenon. I see 2:22 and $2.22 and 22.2 all the time. I’m looking at 12:22 on my laptop right now.

Dear Pisces, you are the most intuitive of the signs. You can slip easily into a pure connection with the divine that many others of us struggle to achieve after years of practice. You have only to be more conscious of what you choose to connect to–and to claim what its your celestial birthright: joy.

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