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Capricorn Channeled Message: Make a Decision

This message is for sun/moon/rising Capricorn!
Channeled card:

The Two of Swords, from the Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington.

Dark path or the light path, dear Capricorn? With the Two of Swords, I feel that there are choices to be made and one of them takes you to a dark place of regret and shame, the other to a place of light and worship. One path goes back towards the past, the other forward into the light. make the choice.

Why regret and shame with the dark path? Those words don’t always come to me when I look at the two paths on this card, but for you, they popped up immediately. I feel that a deeply emotional decision divides this card in half. The dark path is the past, experiences you already know and are almost willing to go through again, if only because they are less scary than the unknown of the light path. Sometimes we’re all tempted to take this path because the familiar is comforting. But it can also be degrading.

I feel Spirit is telling you that the regret and shame of that dark path come from trying to follow a way of being that is not in alignment with who you truly are and who you want to be. Because of that, you are allowing in experiences in which you are disrespected and in which you are, perhaps, also not being your best self.

Capricorn gets accused of being cold and ruthless, determined to cast aside everything in their ambition to get to the top. Whether or not you feel that rings true for you, I feel that the path you’ve been on has forced you to act in ways that in your heart you know are not who you really are. I feel you are aware of that and want to get away from it, but feel stuck.

There is fear behind the Two, and that is because the figure with the swords crossed in front of her heart, protecting her heart chakra from pain, is paralyzed by the decision she has to make. Going down the dark path is a known evil, but going down the light path offers no guarantees either.

With the two of Swords, Spirit is showing you that there is another way–a way that worships and honors the true, beautiful nature of you, dear Capricorn. Do not be afraid of this path.

The truth is, when you are presented with two paths, the choice has already been made in your soul. The question only remains as to whether you will match your will to your soul’s desire, or if you will deny your soul what it asks for. The latter choice generally creates anxiety or depression, however, because it puts our will in direct opposition with what the soul recognizes is already truth.

But something strange happens when we embark on a path chosen by the soul, even an unknown path: our fear almost always turns into a sense of relief and calm. I have felt this phenomenon many times. It isn’t as if any of the conditions of the path have changed, or become less risky, or safer, or whatever. It’s more like, a kind of recognition that you were meant to be here and because of that, you’re going to receive whatever help you need to support on you the journey.

This is when you begin to realize just how much jaw-clenching and planning-for-disaster you’ve been subconsciously feeding into your daily dreams–because that was what you had to do on your old path in order to survive. But Spirit wants you to know that when you set off to do what is in alignment with your soul, you don’t have to plan for disaster. You just need to be flexible, resourceful and most importantly, full of faith.

You are so talented at applying your excellent work ethic and determination to any duty required of you that it’s sometimes easy for you to assume that anything worth achieving must be difficult and even painful. Not so, dear Capricorn. Requiring your dedication? Yes. Showing up every day, even when you’re not feeling it? Yes. Grinding you down day after day until the passion for the job becomes entirely replaced by the ambition to simply get ahead? Never.

Dear Capricorn, it is time to put away your shame and fear. The path to follow now is the one that lifts your heart. Spirit knows the real you is a warm, caring person–and a true leader who knows how to overcome obstacles in order to make dreams a reality. You are the plucky little goat of the zodiac, climbing mountains that no other humans dare dream of!

When the Two of Swords shows up, Spirit is reminding you that your soul’s ambitions are as important as those of the material world. You must never neglect what your heart is telling you as you scale each precipice. Pick the path of the light, and you will be amazed by how much faster up the mountain you get!

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