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Scorpio Channeled Message: Money’s Coming!

This message is for sun/moon/rising Scorpio!
Channeled card:

The Eight of Wands, from the Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington.

Dear Scorpio, did anyone ever tell you that you’re a master at making money? Well, you’re a Scorpio, so you already knew that, didn’t you? This week I pulled for you the Eight of Wands, and the biggest thing that jumps out to me is money and basically how it’s coming your way and oh, is it cool if I come live with you? Because I want to get in on whatever this is. Cha-ching!

In the Eight of Wands, I see you as a competitor who views life as a game or contest that they can win. The man in the Eight easily throws the wands like javelins, confident that they will go far. I feel confidence and strength is in your heart, which is a good thing because until lately you’ve been feeling pretty frustrated, haven’t you, dear Scorpio? Things finally seem to be turning in your favor and now you’re in the middle of something that really puts you in your element.

Here is why I see money in the Eight of Wands, dear Scorpio, even though this is not a Pentacles card. The Eight of any suit signifies other people’s money, bonuses and inheritances–basically, physical forms of abundance and power. Something is or is about to go well for you in terms of a situation leading to money.

I feel it is work-related, or if not work then something in which you’ve earned this money by your own efforts, because I sense so much confidence and strength from you in this card. The Eight of Wands is like the guy who knows how to make money off of the stock market without even blinking. In fact, if you have stock, this might be a good time to do some buying and selling of shares.

I also see property in this card (again, this is a little unusual because property is also a typical Pentacles trait) so perhaps this is the source of your side cash. Since it falls in the suit of Wands, I feel that the property in question is something you are trying flip and sell rather than buy–that is, the property is more of a business venture than a personal establishment, so it falls more in the Wands category (drive, new projects, ambitions) than Pentacles (our everyday work and home life).

I feel that you have the wherewithal to do this well and that is why money flows from it. It’s important to realize, if you don’t already, that your confidence is part of why you are able to make this successful. It’s your belief in your own ability, combined with your incredible Scorpio focus that borders on obsessive (thank your ruling planet, Pluto, for that), that makes this such a strong venture for you. You are determined to flip the s*** out of that house and by God, you will do it.

Scorpio sometimes gets accused of being overly confident or even, *ahem*, arrogant. The reality is, however, that Scorpio simply recognizes their own incontrovertible abilities–an attitude that would be good for all of us to learn from. They simply cannot be convinced that they are incapable because they know at a soul level that they are capable of anything.

Arrogance never serves you, dear Scorpio, but confidence always will. Keep moving forward with your incredible persistence and dedication to your project and take that prize! And maybe share a bit with the rest of us?

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