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Sagittarius Channeled Message: Take the Risk!

This message is for sun/moon/rising Sagittarius!
Channeled cards:

The Wheel reversed, and The fool from the Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington.

Well, dear Sagittarius, you have some serious Karma at work here. I pulled up two Major Arcana cards, and these particular cards have everything to do with beginnings and endings, and movement forward. Heavy.

Two cards flipped out for you: The Wheel in reverse, and The Fool. With the Wheel in reverse, you haven’t yet finished a particular Karmic lesson that you are in the middle of. The internal transformation is still happening while the external transformation has yet to take place.

What is coming to me is that you have an opportunity to turn the Wheel upright, however. You can transform internally in order to manifest externally with some kind of risk that is being asked of you to take by the Fool. People often look at the Fool and dismiss him as an idiot who’s about to walk off a cliff, but what they are missing is the fact that none of us can see what lies beyond the frame of the picture.

What if the ground is six inches away from where the Fool plants his foot, and ahead of him is some gorgeous garden where he and his dog are going to chill out under a tree and read some old Nancy Drews? Or whatever your equivalent of a great afternoon looks like.

The point is, taking a risk can be a good thing. It is only a dangerous option when it is done recklessly. The Fool can either be taking a risk by acting blindly, or taking a risk by considering the options and then acting on faith. The latter is what I feel is being asked of you, dear Sagittarius.

There’s something that you are being a bit stubborn on, and it’s this refusal to budge that is keeping you in this internal development stage of the Wheel. I feel that your stubbornness is a little bit ego, and a little bit of fear. That’s okay, but it’s something to be aware of. When you tune in to what your heart is telling you at its purest level, you will find yourself ready to turn the Wheel upright and complete the Karmic lesson.

Of course, the Wheel always keeps turning, and that is the privilege of being alive. When one lesson ends, another is already there to take its place. And so evolution of the soul continues.

When Major Arcana cards appear in a reading, Spirit wants us to pay particular attention because these are cards that reflect stages of our soul development. We start as guileless babies, much like the Fool, so happy to take on the world with fear of nothing. By the time we get to the Wheel, we’ve been through so much that sometimes we need a second to regroup. With the Wheel in reverse and the Fool together, I feel that Spirit is saying that if you feel stuck in trying to move forward in some way, then go back to that feeling you had as a child when you feared nothing and trusted the universe completely.

Sagittarius, you are the archer of the zodiac–athletic, competitive, playful–and adventure is second nature to you. At a Karmic level, you are also being reminded of this birthright that was given to you by the nature of the universe itself. Whatever is keeping you in this current moment of stagnation is not the real you, dear Sagittarius–it’s rather this bright, hopeful adventurer who steps enthusiastically forward towards their destiny.

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