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Libra Channeled Message: Get Out Your Map

This message is for sun/moon/rising Libra!
Channeled card:

The Princess of Wands, reversed, from the Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington.

So many reversals are coming up lately! I guess a lot of us are in a period of redirecting our energies.

Are you getting ready to do some travel, dear Libra? With the Princess of Wands in reverse, I feel you are on the verge of starting a new journey. This reversal also makes me feel like the journey is beginning first internally, and then will manifest externally in the waking world–then the card will turn upright, expressing itself fully.

The Princess of any suit (what is traditionally the Page in the Tarot) is the student and the teacher of the suit. A fantastic card reader in Asheville, NC, once described to me the Princess as someone “in training,” which I think is a great way to look at the Princess. In the suit of Cups, for instance, the Princess is a heart in training, learning new ways to express and experience love.

In the suit of Wands, the Princess is a work ethic, or motivation, in training. How do you get your inspiration to take off the ground? The suit of Fire illustrates our drives, ambitions and enthusiasm for new ideas. With this Princess of Wands in reverse, I feel an itching to get something off the ground–notice her foot placed forward in front of her, ready to start on a new path.

There’s a brewing enthusiasm inside you that is still finding its outlet, and that is perhaps why this feels like an internal energy that is still learning how to manifest physically. I feel you chomping at the bit, maybe even straining a little bit at your tethers, urging you forward to break free and run down that road. You’re so close to being ready to do that!

The reversal of the Princess of Wands is thus a gift to you, dear Libra. Manifestation always, always, always starts in the soul, in the heart and in the mind before it becomes a reality on the physical plane. You are dreaming of new schemes, new ventures and new possibilities right now–new ways of being your most authentic self. I feel your excitement and yearning just bubbling over and it feels so sweetly enchanting, dear Libra! What a wonderful feeling.

Hold onto this feeling and let your heart continue to guide you on this path, because it WILL begin to shape itself into concrete plans of action that you will begin, or perhaps have already even begun, to take shape.

Think about that expression for a moment: “Take shape.” It describes the process in which an idea connects to physical matter–truly the most fundamental truth behind manifestation. Never forget how much personal power you have, dear Libra, to shape your reality–past, present and future.

Even though this is a Princess and not a Prince, I also feel a lot of physical movement in this card. Princes are typically the knights of the Tarot, who indicate action and movement, but this is a Princess of FIRE and fire has to spread! I feel that part of your success is directly connected to some kind of physical movement, so do not neglect this element of the Princess of Wands.

I feel you getting into better exercise routines, or taking more walks outside, or traveling somewhere physically. Changing the physical environment with our bodies and scenery feels key to helping this internal energy of the Princess to manifest outward.

It could be short day or weekend trips, or even just trying a new grocery store in a different city as an excuse to get out of town. Find some way to shake yourself up a bit, and I feel that this will give you some fresh perspective on your dreams that helps shape them for the better. Get it, Libra!

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