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Leo Channeled Message: Rise Above It

This message is for sun/moon/rising Leo!
Channeled card:

The Queen of Swords, reversed, from the Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington.

Lots of our dear Leos are having a tough time this week, it seems. I pulled the Queen of Swords reversed and some pretty dark feelings came over me immediately. I don’t love giving readings that feel overly negative, but to be truthful to Spirit, I have to say what came through for me was the following: Anger and solitude; Feeling angry to be alone in this; Bitterness in the heart; Anger at being denied.

Whoa, Leo! What the heck is going on? You have my full sympathy if this is resonating with you, because for a Minor Arcana card (which typically reflect more minor, everyday events in our lives), these feelings are really powerful. I look at the ragged edges of the Queen of Sword’s cloak and I feel like you equally want to tear something to shreds. Or maybe it’s your own heart that feels torn up.

I’m so sorry if you are feeling stuck in this sadness. This is not an easy energy to be in, but when we pull the Queen of Swords in reverse, she is gently making us aware that we are trying to deny her wisdom.

There is something that you have been reacting to pretty negatively as of late, and the Queen is letting you know that this dark emotion is just pulling you down rather than helping you. She’s the Queen of communication and intellect, and upright, she opens her heart to look past her bitterness and seek the wisdom behind experience. Queens always represent the receptivity of the suit, so in this case, the Queen of Swords represents the maturity of the mind. With a Queen of Swords in reverse, a good question to ask yourself is: Are unconsciously denying the wisdom she offers?

Wisdom can seem like a really lame prize in exchange for, say, being right about something. Sometimes I hate when something bad happens to me and friends try to make me feel better by being like, “What a great opportunity to learn!”

I mean, yes, it is, but can you shut up for a minute because I’m angry and upset and pissed off? P.S., I love you and thank you for trying to help me when I’m being surly and bitter.

You can turn this Queen upright any time you want by simply taking a few moments to consider the lessons you have gained from this experience. This is a beautiful Queen, who, with her dark purple robes similar to the color of the crown chakra, represents our purest connection to the highest state of mind. And if you are feeling alone where you are, consider how strong this woman looks, sitting by herself on that throne at the top of a mountain, catching the winds of superconscious thought. She will never feel lonely because she knows she is her own best friend.

Leo is the royal ruler of the zodiac. No one rises above adversity with more courage and strength of heart than you, dear Leo. Though licking your wounds, you have the opportunity now to pick yourself up and be the leader that is your astrological birthright, showing us all what true grace under pressure looks like.

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