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Virgo Channeled Message: Dreams Become Reality

This message is for sun/moon/rising Virgo!

Channeled cards:

The Four of Cups, reversed, and the Nine of Cups, reversed, from the Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington.

Virgo, I don’t know what’s up with you earth signs, but like Taurus, you had two cards pop out at once: the Four of Cups, reversed, and the Nine of Cups, reversed. Interesting that they came out in that order, as well, moving from the Four to the Nine, and both reversed.

With two reversals, I feel that you are in the process of turning the ship around. Two cards in reversal speak to redirecting the energies of those cards in a new direction. You’ve been in a situation that has felt like it was going nowhere, but something has shifted now to the point where new inspiration and drive are motivating you to look afresh at your options. I think there was a new moon on Sunday so perhaps that energy is part of what is behind this for you, dear Virgo.

The Four of Cups upright is a figure bored and listless, staring aimlessly at the three cups available without noticing or perhaps caring about the fourth cup behind them. Reversed, the fourth cup suddenly has new meaning and purpose. Look at it, nestled in its little hollow like the Holy Grail. What an exciting opportunity that was almost missed!

The Nine of Cups upright is a delightful card to get, but reversed is not necessarily a bad thing. Upright, the Nine is a rather superficial card. It’s sometimes called the “wish” card but the thing with wishes is that that they are just that. The Nine is the recognition of the full potential of our hopes and dreams, but not necessarily the expression of them. The figure at the table is having a fab time eating, drinking and not thinking of much else.

Reversed, the Nine of Cups grows tired of the superficiality, of what only lies on the surface. He desires dreams that are deeper. In combination with the Four of Cups, reversed, I feel strongly that you are on the verge of taking a long-cherished dream and considering it with a new kind of reality that is full of possibility.

The spilled cups in the Four are very much like the aftermath of the drinking and carousing at the table in Nine. Your inner resources are precious and you are tired of them being spilled over and wasted. You are ready to build on a dream that is entirely different from things of the past. It’s more deeply rooted in reality, more concrete and more attainable.

With the suit of Cups, this dream also more closely aligns with the true desires of your soul, a beautiful thing, dear Virgo! You are a dedicated worker and builder of worlds thanks to your wonderfully detail-oriented mind and strong work ethic. Whatever tasks you set before you, you rarely fail to accomplish. I feel that whatever your dream is–a new business venture, decision to move to a new city, etc.–it comes from a deeply authentic place inside you that you now feel able to fully listen to and respond to.

The one thing, Virgo, that I want you to pay attention to is that you follow the lesson of these Cups, which represent emotional joy and limitless creative potential. A feeling of slight pessimism behind your hopes for this project suddenly came to me, and I urge you not to let this feeling deter you from your dreams.

Virgo is sometimes overly cautious, even when excited about a new venture, and can create self-doubt even when everything points to their success–their clockwork minds, their organization, their ability to execute with precision. Virgo is the textbook case of the expert-genius who worries they may be a fraud. You are the real deal, Virgo! You have what it takes to make this happen, so go get it!

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