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Cancer Channeled Message: They Said What?!

This message is for sun/moon/rising Cancer!

Channeled card:

The Prince of Swords, from the Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington.

Dear Cancer, I am calling in for you special love right now. The sharp tip of the sword that the Prince of Swords holds aloft is what struck me first, and I heard the words “Another blow to the ego.” Aww, Cancer. I feel you.

For many of you, someone has recently hurt you deeply with a painful message. Some people say this is all too easy to do to the Crab, who is, admittedly, extremely sensitive. But really, your heart is so big and tender that just it’s difficult to hear harsh or critical words without feeling severely wounded by them. (I should know, my moon is in Cancer. It’s…a lot.)

Something about this wound, too, is not just to your heart, dear Cancer. If we are being honest, it was to your ego as well. Something about what was said to you–and with the Prince of Communication, I do feel it was something said or written to you, perhaps even over the phone or on social media–wasn’t just hurtful. The words that came shocked you by their cruelty because they made you feel humiliated on top of hurt.

There are a few things to consider here. Whatever was said to you that humiliated you is not necessarily a reflection of you. Very often it’s a reflection of the person who said it, and with the Prince of Swords, that swift and sometimes cruel communication is a very necessary enlightenment for you about the true nature of the person you’re dealing with.

With this Prince of Swords, Spirit is telling me that you, too, might be the one issuing cruel words at another. I am feeling a little bit of discomfort and shame creeping in from some of you because of that. People often forget that sensitive Cancer is a crab and a cardinal sign, and you can issue direct blows with your words that simply stagger others.

Whichever side of this card you fall on (and there is a third group of you for whom I weirdly feel you’re on BOTH sides–both inflicting and receiving harsh words), try to let go of whatever negative emotions you’re currently holding onto in relation to this situation.

Okay, I do get it. It’s hard to do that. Cancer lets go of things about as easily as Gorilla glue, equally clutching soft, misty memories of past happiness and past pain in their pincers. Sweet, sensitive Cancer, I know how easy it is to go over these feelings again and again like you’re coaching your soul through the world’s most depressing playbook.

But something about what happened needed to happen, like a leveling or reckoning that brought new truths to light–new truths that you needed to see but would probably not have faced without some kind of conflict.

Maybe someone snapped at you in a way that made the scales fall off your eyes, and you finally saw them for who they really are. Or maybe you got into a fight with a friend over their attitude…only to recognize the same flaw within yourself.

These truths were necessary for your own soul growth, to bring you closer to God, Source, Spirit. This situation came to shake you up and bring clarity to something so that you could live your life more authentically. Cancer is shy, tender and nurturing, and can take awhile to open up to all but their closest friends–especially if they’ve learned from past hurts to hide their sensitivity behind a thick crabby shell of coldness and indifference.

It’s amazing that some of the most remote-seeming individuals are often a Cancer sun, rising or moon. They hide layers of shame about their tender natures because they’ve been taught that their deep emotion is wrong. Angels weep when a darling Cancer hides their true self behind a wall of coldness and criticism, because true Cancer at their best will make any and everyone they meet, feel like the most precious treasure in the entire world.

The bottom line is, when the Prince of Swords appears, he ushers in swift and decisive communication to create action. What’s been said can’t be unsaid, but so very often it needed to be said anyway, even if simply to move things forward. What you said and what was said to you, needed to happen. And now it is over with. It’s going to be okay now.

But you’re a sensitive little crab so I know that you’re still in the phase of nursing your hurt, and that’s okay too. Please. With this Cancer moon, I can nurse hurts with olympic dedication. Give yourself some self-love with your favorite blanky and a good piece of chocolate, and in the nice little nest you’ve made for yourself, do some thinking.

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