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Weekly Channeled Message: Action Through Fire

Channeled card: King of Wands

King of Wands from the Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington.
King of Wands from the Druidcraft Tarot by Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm and illustrated by Will Worthington.

I pulled this card from spirit this morning, as I feel that this is the energy of this beautiful Monday morning. I believe the King of Fire is a reflection of Mars turning direct today, giving us back his drive, strength of purpose and willpower. While Mars was retrograde, we had to turn inward and reflect on the direction we were going internally, as our internal mindset generates physical reality through all aspects of our lives. Along with Mercury retrograde, we had to reevaluate if our thought patterns were serving us to go where we wanted to go, or if we needed to reinvent or redirect them.

We have also been tossed about by three eclipses back to back, and felt the frustration, delays, confusion and conflict of FIVE retrograde planets—Mercury, Mars, Saturn, Pluto and Neptune. Also, has anyone else been super sleepy all the time? I feel like I’ve been sleeping double lately. Whew.

The universe isn’t trying to ruin your life. In fact, it’s banking on you succeeding, because your success and happiness manifest a better environment for everyone to live in.

But when we are feeling that things aren’t going right, it’s like catching pneumonia after running ourselves into exhaustion. The symptoms that something is wrong are the signs that something has to give. What a blessing the universe gives us when we are forced to slow down, take a break and reflect.

Now we are being reignited with Mars direct (hurray), and so hopefully you are feeling a new burst of energy today. Even if you are sleepy, though, on this Monday morning, I feel for everyone that there is a large underlying current of dynamic energy that needs to be expressed. It’s important to integrate that energy into your everyday tasks as well as to begin to put plans into action for new personal goals. If not, this energy could become bottled up inside and turn into anxiety, stress or anger. No thanks.

Spirit also says: follow your dreams. Yes, it sounds cliché, but the King of Wands is the ultimate go-getter in the Tarot. Literally nothing can stop him, and he laughs at people who try. King of Wands also represents Aries, which is dynamism, leadership, independent thought and big dreams. We all have a King of Fire inside us who is just bursting to get out and tell the world exactly what it needs. This king asks: What’s stopping you?

The angels also ask me to say that they give you grace to start your week with optimism. I feel that this message is for many of us who don’t feel that they are where they want to be, and they’re finding it hard to stay positive. The angels say that Spirit enters you when you sit down at your computer, at the cash register or anywhere you earn your money, and you can apply this Spirit with vigor to do the work you are given to do.

Even if this work does not feel like your life’s calling, do it with grace because Spirit is always watching to see if you need help and will be there to help you toward your life’s calling. To be able to help you, though, you must show your dedication to doing work that is neither easy nor profitable in the moment.

Note the importance of “in the moment.” It is not that you should stay in a job forever that is not profitable to you, but that your attitude in that moment will more quickly attract the thing you do want if you approach every piece of work with grace.

It’s all about the vibration. It’s not easy for Spirit to help you when your mindset is in any way negative, because you won’t be as receptive to hearing Spirit’s guidance. The vibration of grace attracts more grace, while the vibration of discontent…well, it just doesn’t! What you think and feel attracts what you receive.

If you are feeling stuck someplace you don’t want to be, use the King of Wands energy to fill your thoughts with dreams of what could be, then build plans to act on them. You can also use that positivity to enter into the work that sits before you in this present moment, knowing that it is only a moment in time and not reflective of the new reality you are creating with your new burst of fire!

Our angels are so excited for us to take control of our own lives. They know how good it feels to us when we realize we are the creators of our own experience. The King of Wands is a total optimist and even a little playful—he expects everything to go well because success is only dependent on his own will, and he knows that’s never going to flag.

Let’s take his optimism and his confidence in the future, and bring forth what we were meant to create in this reality. How fantastic is that?

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