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Colors in Meditation

Like many people, I see colors when I meditate.

This is a very interesting phenomenon to me. Generally I start off with the dual alternating pulses of electric blue and indigo, before moving on to the other five shades.

My favorite, though, was when, instead of a single color appearing, I once saw three colors appear in a triangular formation–pink, red and orange. How sweet is that?

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to understand why the colors appear?

I used to think it was an effect of having my eyes closed, but then, of course, I practiced sitting in a darkened room and keeping my eyes open, and the colors still appear–electric blue, indigo–purple, yellow-y green, orange, red, sweet pink. If they were unhappy, they were spotty and murky. If they were happy, they started as an intense blob of color that shrinks into a pinpointed dot and then fades, just as another burst-blob of color appears.

In meditation we do activate the brain in some interesting ways. Our awareness likewise activates, making us more attuned to our surroundings. What if we could train our brains to stay that activated all the time? What would we discover about the reality we think we know?

Do you ever see color when you meditate? Why do you think it happens?

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