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Soul Puberty

Like that term, “soul-puberty”?

It’s my way of describing that icky, uncomfortable-in-your-own-skin feeling that comes with making massive life changes that are hard but ultimately challenge you to grow and become more of who you want to be.

I think I’ve been in soul-puberty for, what, a year and a half now? It’s been awkward but liberating, like your first coed school dance.

Soul puberty is rough, though. Your emotions can be all over the place, your sweat glands are overactive, etc. But like the other kind of puberty that we were all forced to learn about through poorly-acted educational videos in school, soul puberty is wonderfully intoxicating.

When you are forced to strip yourself of every ounce of ego that you once thought defined you, all you’re left with is your true self, a self that exists far beyond your body and beyond this moment in time and space–and most certainly a self that exists way beyond the carefully-constructed personas we create.

Take soul puberty as a time to throw out the script and start over. Like, you’re super awkward but you’re in a new school and no one here knows that ten years ago you peed your pants on that field trip.*

Here’s to your period of “blossoming.”

*This 100% never happened to me that time we went to the horse farm.

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