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The Reiki Path and Purge

I’ve read that once you make the commitment to follow a spiritual path, very often you experience a kind of “purge” of negativity from your mind and body and life. You can get sick, you can feel like crying for no reason, you have dark thoughts or develop weird hives. You can have disasters happen that suddenly come crashing down around you. I read up on the experience of shaman Sarah Petruno, who recalled how she and her family became homeless after she decided she needed to become a shaman. Homeless.

(P.S., though, Sarah Petruno is now MORE than financially successful and I’m looking to her example for leading a spiritually and financially abundant life).

But I mean, still. Homeless. Sick. Sobbing. Big incentive to get your namaste on, right?

Some things are impossible to avoid, however, and one of them is a nagging voice in your head and heart that literally will not STFU until you agree to listen to it. My little voice was saying “You are a healer. Girl, you need that reiki like whoa.” My inner voice is kind of like RuPaul as the guidance counselor on The Brady Bunch Movie.

So in January I made the commitment to myself that I would get my first reiki attunement. This is the process of having the chakras in your hands opened so that you can begin to heal yourself and then others. If at this point you’re weirded out you might want to start looking for another blog lol. Because it’s just gonna get more fun from here.

That was when my life began to fall apart.

A bunch of things had been going decently for me lately, actually. But a lot of other stuff that I wasn’t willing to acknowledge was beginning to creep out from under the carpet and basically dump all over me like garbage until I was willing to face it directly. Things like fears around making money and debt. Fears about speaking up for myself. Fears about trusting my own judgment and intuition. All those little self-doubts that so many of us like to pretend aren’t there or don’t influence us and yet, for so many, cripple us from reaching for what we want in life. Oh yeah, and back to back over a two month span, through all of this, I had a severe cold, the flu, and then another cold. Did I mention there’s a kind of purge when you decide to massively change your life?

With the help and blessing of good friends (read: angels incarnated on this earthly plane), I faced a lot of these issues and actually made progress on them. Problems weren’t solved, but they were cracked open, examined in cold daylight, and assessed for present and future action. It was painful, like dying and having to come back to life. Hmm. Also kind of empowering for that same reason. My financially astute friend said to me, “We’re not dealing with tears or fears anymore. I need you to be a lion now.”

And that was it. I needed to stop being a freaking coward, about my life, and about what I’m capable of. Yes, I did later on listen to some Katy Perry.

So what do I want? I want to break myself out of the constraints I’ve built for myself, and set my boundaries about six thousand miles further than they used to be. In another few weeks I’ll reset that limit to ten thousand. And then after that, who knows? We live on the leading edge of a constantly expanding universe, says Abraham Hicks.

Last Sunday I had my reiki attunement, about two months after I decided that I couldn’t stop listening to the wisdom of RuPaul. I felt like I’d picked up a piece of me that I’d forgotten existed, and brushed it off, shined it up, and given it new life. And now I’m running with it and it feels amazing.

Oh yeah…and now stuff’s really begun to happen.

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