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Land of the Sun

Winter is back! Who knew? Of course last year, this time, I wasn’t even messing with winter. I was in New Mexico.

Winter is back! Who knew?

On Friday we had an actual spot of snow, and it’s been a respectably icy temperature all week. Again, not that I love winter…I just love the relief of normal weather patterns.

Of course last year, this time, I wasn’t even messing with winter. I was in New Mexico.

Do you ever have an urge to do something that, for reasons you can’t explain, you feel will set something new in motion?

I’d been to New Mexico back in 2010 for my cousin’s wedding, and the land had left an expansive and uplifting impression on me. So much sun, so much vastness spread in every direction. So much unexpected color and dramatic landscape. Oh yeah, and sopapillas.

Something in that bright, vast landscape made me feel like returning to it would make my life expand, too. And in lots of ways. Changing the direction of how I viewed myself and my career. Getting a chance to reconnect with my cousin who I hadn’t seen in six years and, I realized with some surprise, had never really had a chance to spend much time with away from the family. Like all of my cousins on my dad’s side, she’s older than me, and growing up that meant our playtime interests didn’t overlap too much. So it was an awesome opportunity to connect with each other as adults.

Also, C and T have a little boy who runs their lives and he is now my LOVE.

Not in the least because my cousin and her husband are so generous, it was one of the most refreshing and relaxing vacations I’ve had. C and T showed me around to some of the iconic neighborhoods and landmarks in Albuquerque, where they live, and we ate so much good New Mexican food…I feel like I just ate a lot that entire trip. Haha.

One of  my favorite parts of that trip was sitting down with C and talking about finding myself as a writer. A pretty stellar web developer, she helped me get set up with a new blog that I have in addition to this one, though if I’m being honest I had more personal transitions last year that made me hem and haw over what I wanted it to focus on and I ended up migrating back here…I still giver her so much thanks and credit for giving me the confidence to try something new, however. She’s inspired me with a few ideas for this WordPress space but I won’t go into that yet…

I also loved hiking the Kasha-Katwe Tent Rocks. Oh you don’t know what tent rocks are? Neither did I. T drove the four of us out of the city and into the wilderness, and as we were approaching, I saw a sign for something informational about “the tent rocks.” I asked what the heck they were and T looked taken aback, and then amused. “You have no idea what we’re about to do, do you?” he said. “Nope,” I said.

THESE are the tent rocks:


They are alien giants rising up out of the wide New Mexican plains. Formed six or seven million years ago by volcanic eruptions, the tent rocks are massive conical structures with mushroom-like caprock tops that I can only describe as elf hats.  Looking at them gives you the impression that you are walking among sleeping giants that at any moment, will wake up, sending the earth rumbling.


Starting at the base of these mountains, or plateaus–not really sure how they’re classified–you walk uphill. First you pass smaller tent rock structures that gradually grow larger and more frequent like signposts, until suddenly you’re among the canyons, where natural lava flows have created a serpentine trail.


By the time you make your way out of the canyons you’re so high up that there’s snow on the ground in some places, yet then you turn a corner again and suddenly you’re drenched in dazzling sunshine and baked rock.

It was one of the coolest, most bizarre sights I have ever seen.


P.S., little man had a very heavy hiking backpack that T valiantly strapped to his back, but that only lasted about two minutes. Instead this three-year-old insisted, through many tears, on hiking the ENTIRE collective five-miles of trail on foot. I mean, I would have gotten in the backpack. If T would have let me.

Anyway, here’s to nature’s weird and amazing creations, and to family.


And has much changed since my trip to New Mexico? Totally and irrevocably. I moved back into my own space again, bought a new car, got skin cancer, had two surgeries, started to develop myself as an empath and healer. I asked for change and baby, I got it.

Peace. Love. Happiness.

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