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Leslie Knope

Raising That Vibration

Do you ever have a moment where someone asks you conversationally how you’re doing, and you’re so overwhelmed by the question that you just stare wildly back at them, until they become uncomfortable and walk away? Yeahhh…

So I apologize to the many people who have asked me that question and were only doing it in the way that people ask how you’re doing but don’t really want to know. Because I don’t think my answers have been coherent. The short answer is that I have indeed been doing. Quite a freaking lot.

After moving into my new apartment–which, by the way, is still really being “moved” into–I had two surgeries, a LEEP for pre-cervical cancer and an excision for actual skin cancer, within one week and took on a new business venture that fills every free hour. You might say “Agatha starting a new job on top of your current job is not a good use of time as you recover from two surgeries.” That’s probably correct.

Ah, well. Couldn’t help myself.

So the good news is that my malignant melanoma was stage 1 and it’s totally gone now! AND I just discovered today that my LEEP went great so the risk of cervical cancer is super low now. Double win! So I went from weeks of panicking and praying to now opening my arms in gratitude because I AM WELL. Props to God, my spirit guides and angels, and doctors for their badass teamwork.

I’d also like to thank my friends and family for their support, and the following resources that have been invaluable to me one way or the other: reiki, cats, Ask and It Is Given, healing crystals, All Saints Episcopal church in Brighton Heights, meditation, nature hikes, You Are a Badass, tarot readings, red wine, North Borroughs YMCA, TED Talks, my Arbonne team, singing to myself, Thai Tamarind down the street, the Wailin’ Jennys, a good haircut at Be Pure Organic Salon, journaling, and food videos on Facebook.

I feel like God cut out something bad from my life to make room for something good to come in. I mean, now that I can look back on this without the lens of panic, I see that what I went through was really not as life-threatening as so many others have gone through. Yet it woke me up to ask myself what I really want to be spending my time doing. It reminded me that I am precious, and so are my dreams.

So I’m entering a new life cycle and I have new vision. I’m raising my thoughts and my actions so that I can raise my vibration and attract into my life new inspiration, happiness and abundance. Let’s do this. Knope we can!

Also, speaking of the inspirational powerhouse that is Leslie Knope, how great would it be to vote a Leslie Knope/Ron Swanson ticket this November? Every day I’m sad they aren’t real.


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