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Melanoma Wake-Up Call

So, a word about my skin. I am a redhead with very, very, very fair skin with lots of freckles and moles. My skin is generally dry, super sensitive and prone to irritation. Like Sophia from The Golden Girls. When I buy makeup, the shade is always called something like “Anemic Vampire -04.”

On a less fun note, I’ve also recently had a dermatologist remove a malignant melanoma from my thigh. I get to go back in a few days and have that sucker excised even further to be sure it’s all gone. The good news is that they don’t think it’s aggressively spreading, and I do these yearly mole checks and now I am probably going to do them every three months, to catch anything weird early. It’s the kind of thing you partially dread but never quite imagine will happen to you at 31. Part of being a redhead I guess.

So that’s made me even more conscious of how I take care of my skin (and also how what I eat affects my body’s immune system…another blog post to come). I already wear SPF 30 facial lotion every day, but I admit I’m lazy about wearing sunscreen on the rest of my body if I’m running out the door “somewhere quick” and that laziness has to stop now.

I also need to practice better facial skincare routine, including investing in products that truly take care of my skin. It’s about more than vanity to me now; it’s about taking care of the one body I’m given in this lifetime.

Okay enough melodrama. Sorry for that but getting even a small amount of cancer is one of those things that makes you dramatically rethink your life and take risks like buying a timeshare.

My Arbonne skincare samples should be arriving soon from my cousin Kierstyn so I’m excited to test those out and compare them against what I currently use. My goal is to find something that makes me look and feel good, and that gives me the peace of mind that I’m taking care of myself.

Peace, love and happiness, peeps. xoxo

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