Intuitive Guidance Reiki and psychic readings by Grow Green Girl.


Grow Green Girl


Intuitive Guidance Reiki

Receive deep healing and wisdom from Intuitive Guidance Reiki, my personalized approach to reiki healing and psychic readings.

Gain clarity with intuitive insights.


Discover what blocks you from enjoying greater spiritual and physical health as I channel emotions, words and images from Spirit.
Find your soul's purpose to be here on earth


Explore deeper truths about your soul’s purpose here on earth and receive guidance through the all-loving, infinite wisdom of Reiki energy.
Find peace and harmony by working with energy


Experience deep relaxation and peace as an abundance of love flows through me, the conduit to bind you to this deeply nurturing energy from Spirit.

heal the world with reiki

My goal is to empower you to heal and embrace your own gifts to help heal the world.


Intuitive Guidance Reiki
A modified Reiki session in which I both channel healing Reiki energy and receive intuitive information from Spirit. This information tends to relate to areas of the body that need healing, or emotional and psychological areas to be addressed.

Psychic Readings
Tuning into the same loving frequency, I use my Reiki training to enhance my intuition during psychic readings, going beyond the card’s symbolic meaning to channel intuitive information related to your questions.


Refer a friend and get $5 off your next reading, when they book with me, as a special thank you!


Book a dual Intuitive Guidance Reiki and Intuitive Tarot reading session and save $10 on your total purchase. A highly recommended way to experience greater healing and insight!

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